Friday, 21 October 2011

Moment of Life & Love. Not Death.

‘Should I go out too, Papa?”, I abruptly said while taking ear plugs out.
‘I think’, he said, looking back. 

I looked back through the back screen of my car and all I could see were mountains and height from where, if I fell, my soul would have echoed enough to let the whole world know about it that I died. This deep, the pith fall was.
I opened my car door and stepped out on a twisted steep road where I had to bury my sock fabric deep into asphalt to stand still. I looked at my car and dad, who was not at all worried to not know how to turn the car back now. 

Actually, we wanted to go for Pindi Point and we realized that a bit too late when we are almost descending after having a mini vacation at Lower Topa. Being told by a hilly native, we went for a very narrow and steep way up to Pindi Point. While dad is way good a driver, we didn’t mind the narrowness of the way, at all with our truck cum car. So ascending it again, as I was listening to Maroon 5, there came a moment when I felt something static. There was a very curvy turn which was way too steep and narrow too, but as dad turned the vehicle over from it, we stepped onto sand, on the edge. He pulled the breaks and we stopped right on the turn while our car in an upturn position. Me, and my brothers were pressed hard back on our seats cause we knew breaks couldn’t hold on for much longer, and if they wouldn’t, our car would slide back and break the barrier outlining the steep road, and our car would fall. 

Pa asked my brothers to step out and put stones behind the tires at the back, and there, I woke up from my Maroon 5 dreams and actually analyzed the situation. While I stepped out, I called onto Mama, 

Mom, you need to step out too. It would lessen the weight’
No, I am not’
'Ma, come on yaar!'


I didn’t get why she was being stubborn and not coming out cause apparently it would have made the turning way too easy. She started horsing duas and Kalma while we all three, well me in my socks, kept telling about the margins behind and before the car to make the turning easy. Turning back to the lower road, cause yeah, we realized the road was too steep to climb with our car. 

Okay, step in now’, Papa said, finally.
And we three sat in and drove away to descend again. 

                                   Yeah, the people who just told me to live and left love, a choice for me.

I didn’t realize it why Mama didn't step out unless I sat down with hot head to ask her, why she was being stubborn. I don't know how it could be so easy to put your life in danger too, for someone you so are in love with, or apparently you are supposed to be. I say, I can put my life in danger for my parents and perhaps I will, but at situations like these, I realize that the love I have for them can NEVER be compared to what they have for each other. Perhaps, I will call my emotion, affection maybe. The event was small in kind, but made me realize, that it's not so hard, to fall in love with a stranger at last, you are married to.


  1. Love and live.
    There is no life without love.
    A mother's love.
    A parent's love.
    A friend's love.
    You get the idea.

  2. That Car has happened too many times with us. EVERY time we went to Murree. -_- OK not every time but the Motorway side is too steep. You can actually run faster on it than go in a car :P

  3. People say that arranged marriages have no love. That's not true. Your parents are proof of that.
    I'm glad to know that you were all safe =)

  4. awwww yeah when i see my parents i also think the same that its not hard for strangers to fall in love :)

  5. that, is what a woman is all about. and love, it has masks. love cant be compared. :)

    happy realization girlie!

  6. My Amma told me about a similar incident. I was just one year old. The jeep slipped and stuck in the asphalt almost at the edge.

    The last line = Amazing. And true.

  7. ahahaah wow u almost suceeded in making me breathless:)

    a very sweet nd thought provoking post:)

  8. I admire how people hold on to each other in spite of not have met before they got married and make it work for so many DECADES. It takes something.

  9. Wow. Now that's true love if there ever was one. Sigh.

  10. and then its all about emotions.. the great Indian emotions of being together with a person you met after spending somewhat odd 20 years of your life.. :)

    Weakest LINK


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