Sunday, 6 November 2011

Of Daylight, FrenchFries & PrankCalls.

I have three quite serious, but somehow amusing stories to share with you today. I had been an idiot for the past couple of weeks reading each beautiful post written by PeeVee, Soumya and Red but still not commenting. Anyways, I am done screwing up things for myself. There are certain fractions of my life going all wrong and uncertain but I am holding onto hope and life. I am holding onto that one streak of light kissing my face while travelling through the chunks of mountain and stones, down where I am standing.

1) At times, we like things without knowing certain facts about them. Cause skimming through them will only create sense of reluctance against those particular things. Like, last week I went to this Dhaba cum Chai Shop in my university who's French fries I LOVE. I've been eating and living on those fries for like a year now until last week I discovered something and I was both astonished and amused by looking at the strength of my stomach muscles to adsorb soap. I went to ChaCha jee to order a plate of fires when I saw him washing fries with SOAP.
I was 0.0
Chacha jee sensed my presence and was *.*
I smiled and still ordered. Cause maybe I am in love with the taste of those fries BECAUSE they contain Zohra Hall (Hostel's name) ka pure-scent-free soap? But the moment my friends came to know about it, they stopped ordering. And hence my visits to hostel have been shortened eversince. See, it would have been better off without knowing that they were too clean to be rather kept as souvenirs. Do you wonder why Theila chaat tastes so mesmerizing or perhaps the shami burger of 40rs? Sometimes, unhygienic food could be so much more tasteful than chicken jalapeƱo burger from Hardees. Here's to soup wale chips! <3

2) Today, a very odd incident happened and as much as I don't want to tell you, I still want to write about it. I have gone too bold or say rough in the past year. Temperament wise as well nature. So, Mom is driving at 80km/h on the public road when a guy comes by my side and whistles. He's on this bike with a friend and feigning his extra drooling-upon smile while he throws inside this cheap scrap of some matchbox with his number written over it. Now, I don't know what woke up in me all of a sudden that I pulled down my side mirror, threw back his so called number-ki-parchi on his face and yelled "Saaley Kuttey!" on his face. Immediately at that moment I realized, I astonished three people.

a) My Mom, who was blank, with her jaw dropped.
b) The guy (who probably gave me HIS number) with his teeth shut down.
c) The guy (riding the bike) looking at me and wondering which breed of women I belong to.

I have gone very rough. I need to polish some parts of my persona else the time is not too far when I would be whistling to people and throwing numbers on them on B&H scraps.

3) Anyways, sometimes, pranks calls are the irritating ones and I end up picking up and not speaking cause I love wasting people's money who have too much of it to spend on strangers. But at times, they get over your head and all you want is to pick it and and yell at them on the top of your lungs cause mistakenly they called at wrong time; time when your boyfriend was about to call, when you were waiting for your result, when you were on the verge of dozing off after a long day OR when you just got done fighting with a very close friend over issues absurd and unexplainable and when you had just wasted a tear or two cause of horrible exam as well. The same happened yesterday. This guy called. Called again. CALLED AGAIN and i picked up:

Me: ...
TheKEWLguy: Haaailoooo..
Me: Je?
TheKEWLguy: Kesi ho?
Me: Dekho, kia masla hai. Kis'se baat karni hai tumhe?! 
TheKEWLguy: Aaaaaapse? 
TheKEWLguy: Aaaaapne meri shakal dekhi hai?
TheKEWLguy: Aaaaap tou ghusa hogai?
Me: Acha Asfand, Imran Khan ki call ayi hai. Aap jao piyaaz bhecho. 

I mean, serrrriously?

Please don't call me while I am weeping. You might come to hear indecent things about your face.

Yes I have gone both random and rough. Every night I get lectures from my dad to bring soft edge to my nature but what's my fault if I bluntly reply to guys who think, they can confuse us or harass us by their moves? I know I need to shave my tongue a little and my head too. But I won't stop reminding these prank callers that their Dads' lives in danger in case they 'try' to tease me.

P.s: I had 85 followers. They decreased to 82. Then 81. 79. Remained 79 for tow days and then 78. Today, I find 80 again. Wow.
P.P.S: Happy Eid to everyone. :D