Friday, 19 August 2011

The 7 momentz.

Sometimes when you lie down and scribble back through the pages of your history, you realize that there had been so many times when you expected something to happen your way, and it went some other. At times you expected you would never make it, but you did, all so unexpectedly. Those moments when recollected and re winded, always bring you to a space where all you can do is believe in God, because actually He is the one directing your film, which you, by the way it look, consider a complete flop, but actually is something more than extraordinary. The moment i stepped into Blogger, I thought i wouldn't ever be able to make it, that i would never be able to write what i think, and that i would never actually earn so much respect an regard from people that i haven't seen the faces of and who probably don't live next door. It brings back my faith to believe in myself. I see people ranting about not having followers, i say i have the best followers cause it doesn't matter however much the number is your minions, the fact it, who actually cares to read what you publish, after thinking about thousand and one ideas to write.

So, coming back to what i actually felt like writing today was, my best moments of life, that i could actually recall while i was lying down and thinking about all those times, which we all so don't care to give damn about, in our normal like just cause WE ARE SO DAMN BUSY ENVYING OTHER FOLLOWERS and perhaps WORKING?

I managed to strike upon those 7 moments that i think i treasure, or maybe they just came right into my mind, when i start figuring out my best moments. So given 20 minutes before i crashed, these were the moments which hit me like a bolt.

1. Ramazan'09, that one unexpected call from a friend, i disliked, i loathed, and i never thought i would ever find right talking to, that call changed us, and changed us to the point that we are best friends now. Maybe, best is just mere a word. - Rida.

2. 18th September'08, right 2days before my birthday, my friend Imad called me up, and there i listened to the whole birthday song from my school friends living in another province while i was in Karachi. I couldn't happen to breathe. Amazing.

3. August'08. I was in my bus, and the result was on the screen at right at 2.00pm in front of my father. A guy called out my name while i had put hands over my ears for i expected my marks not that regard able given i be the topper of college, he shouted 'MAN, YOU ACED IT WITH 483!!'. Not believing what he said, i just hugged my the then rival so tightly that her capillaries jammed. And the moment took away with it, the despair and the rivalry both.

4. March'11, i was sitting in my Probability and Statistics ki class, and my brother called. And he was shouting 'MY SISTER IS GOING TO USA!!!!!' while riding on some no man's bike all around the liberty Lahore. Cause in the first place, i thought i wouldn't be selected. It just a selection btw in case you don't know check here. :p

5. July'06. I feared my Dad would be retired for he had thoughts that he wouldn't be given rank, and so my mom started scrutinizing us for the civil life from military, which at that moment, i wanted THE LEAST. And right after the night, i slept weeping quietly praying God, he swoops one of his magic wands and just change whatever is obvious, WAS THE DAY WHERE THERE WERE CAKES AND CAKES OF CELEBRATION AT MY PLACE! 

6. April'06 while stepping into a room full of strange faces just cause i was wearing an odd uniform that day of my own school and not theirs. I never planned, dreamed or even imagined that those faces, are going to be my most endeared bunch of snobs/brats/partners in crime/best friends.

7. December'09. Two hours of walk with a complete stranger just cause he was from my debating group, and cause my own friends ditched me for straightening their hair in hostel. That guy, is one of my closest friends now.

What you plan, what you expect, and what you dream are three different things. God is one who decides which one to choose. He made his choice in all of my moments. He made choices in yours too. And i love this way of God surprising me in every phase. Cause you know what? Surprises give you both heart attacks and a moment filled with purest form of happiness.

P.s: Apologies for the long talkative post.
P.P.s: I feel honored and hugely encouraged by the award presented by poles apart blog mate Ovais here and the border line Asian sister Priyanka, for mentioning my name in her amazing blog. There blogs are like very easy to read. The life of theirs in their way. :)
P.P.s: I am done with LOST ka season 3. :D


  1. awww...well things dont always go our way, and somrtimes it hurts, but sometimes it surpises you in the most surprising way =)

    ummm well i have so many moments i could recall after reading yours. btw my dad is also a military office, and he is due to retire soon and it scares the hell out of me. but i do remember the day when abba became COLONEL sahab. full colonel. :P it was unbelievable =)

    u know what, ur blog is the best, i dunt know much about the stuff still, but once i learn, i am giving u an award too :)

  2. I always love the way you put your memories in your words like its just happened and seemed to be we are watching it live. :)

    And i am being there too in the post that feels more special ;)

  3. It's a wonderful thing when you can remember that feeling of joy exactly as it is and preserve it in your memory for ever.

    This made me reminisce:)
    Thank you for that.
    And the mention.

  4. Wow, you have quite a collection of memories here in this post. I pray and wish you have many more memorable one's in the coming years.

  5. well... lovely moments those are...unfortunately i have none of those :P i never topped .... and congrats for the awards :) keep writing :0

  6. loved the post...:) <3 its true sometimes the worst possible moments in our life could turn into milestones:)
    i am ur new follower btw...hope you follow bak:)

  7. i second you in your thoughts about how Allah is the only one holding our reins. everything in our life happens for a reason, and he, who realises it, lives peacefully. and honey you write beautifully. i love how you can so hypnotically put your thoughts into words.

    i pray and hope that whatever you do in life, wherever you are, may Allah always be with you to guide you and to reassure you that he's there whenever you need him.

    i know what you mean about things turning out to be unexpectedly awesome. ive had a pretty awesome surprises in my life. and i'm thankful for everything. the best person is he who thanks Allah for all he has given us.

    p.s. i love your blog. it's so... relaxing...

  8. Hey senior! You have really done a superb job. Your blog took my fancy, seriously. You have got a regal writing skill yaar. And I am sure if you keep writing like this, you would be an eminent blogger soon IA!
    You know what I have always been thinking to write too, but didn't have got that much courage to share my puny words with the world BUT it has given me enough of it to brazen it out! I would surely get you and pick your brains about it.
    PS: I loved it :)

  9. btw, did u mean december'10 instead of 11?

  10. @Mahnoor: Exactly. I always had certain apprehensions regarding civil life, but actually it isn't boring or horrifying as it appears to be, in the first place. Its just like a completion and beginning of a new era, perhaps. :) Thnakyou for always been a huge encouragement! Your blog is indeed a magnet. :)

    @Imad: Hahah, well you should be more than honored i guess. :P

    @Priyanka: Yeah, its like a vivid collection of times quite old now. I yet again thank you so the mentioning and write about your memories too sometime, would love to read. D)

    @Atrocious Scribbling: New follower right? :D Thankyou so much for dropping by.

    @Muhammad Israr: Try to recall, you'll be able to find many of them indeed. And no wonder, being a topper gives you one of the best feelings. :D

    @the floodgate of feelings: Lovely title name btw. Thankyou so much for reading and liking the blog. Imma way to check yours! :D

  11. @the butterfly effect: Well nothing gives you pure happiness than to soothe someone, that too unknown by the power of words. I am glad my blog does that to you. Thank you for all yours prayers and for being a regular reader. You are certainly one of my incentives to keep writing up! :D
    And yes it was supposed to be December'10. Just corrected. :D :D

    @Aniqa: Hahah. So finally a junior read it all as well. Thank a million, Aniqa. Some way or the other, it made us talk. The blog. And start writing, its one of the best things you can do to and with yourself. Write and the world will see everything in your perspective! :)

  12. Hi..
    What an honest outpouring of emotions and so simple. Wish you many many of these moments. And not just 7...may be so much..that you can not count them at all. :)


  13. Memories, indeed, are sometimes all one needs. For holding on to the beautiful past, you can struggle and brace yourself for a breathtakingly remarkable future.

    I LOVE your writing style. It's as amazing as can be.

    Stay Amazing, always.


  14. u have been awarded at my blog, :D, get it :

  15. wow, that 2nd one was awesomest....loved reading it.:D
    i would love if someone make sa movie out of it, i would enjoy it with popcorn and coke..<3

  16. You earned it =)

    Seven moments..

    Glad to see that you got good surprises on bad days :)

    I think that last one is December'10 na?

  17. I felt the same when I joined blogger. It's like second home for me now. Followers are my family now. It's wonderful. =D

    Memories are everything.
    Pure bliss or blunt agony.
    It's wonderful to see you got so many pleasurable surprises when you least expected them!

    PS; I love the way you write. You are one of the very few Bloggers whose blogs I read religiously. Keep writing and stay awesome.

  18. Ah! I just came through my old memories reading this post ! You are AWESOME ! :)

  19. awwww, you're the best, KN!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    thanks for sharing those special memories. reading them made me really happy. i'm proud to be a follower of your blog ♥

  20. This inspired me to write my own 7 moments.. :)
    Oye! you HAVE any enemies left now tht all of them seem to have become your close friends? :P

    PS- Your blog tag, is BADASS.

  21. omg omg I see my name there. That too on the top!
    I so love you, man! :D

  22. "What you plan, what you expect, and what you dream are three different things. God is one who decides which one to choose".EXACTLY!

  23. @Kunal: Thanks a lot for the appreciation and wishes. :)

    @Ezazi: Needless to say, your blog is complete awesomeness to, lovely. And memories are there, which construct the mere foundations of our present and future both. :))

    @Ateeq: Yeaaaaah. I CHECKED! :D THANKYOUSOMUCH, man. Yeah, i would try to make one of my friends to make a movie on this. Dekho kia hota hai! :P

    @Ovais: Nope. I was mistaken, it was neither december'11 nor december'10. It was December'09. :p And YES, i earned it. :)

    @Hamza: EXACTLY! It's like my second home now. Facebook has gone so outdated now. ;)

    And do i need to say that your blog is absolutely amazing wala AMAZING? Thankyou for the huge encouragement coming from a writer that good, from Karachi. :)

  24. @Muhammad Saqlain: Glad that i turned someone to look back to their past. :)

    @Furree Kat: And i am proud to be a follower of your blog! You are a huge inspiration to all of us. :D

    @Remya: HAHAHA. THANKS A LOT WOMAAAN! :D And yeah, i do have A LOT many enemies still, but ironic is that i have come to make best friends from my enemies. Weird no? :P

    @Rida: I know that. :D

    @Maham: Thanks a lot for dropping by! :D

  25. And yeah , forgot to mention one thing. Your #7 moment is somewhat related to me too. Actually I guess it's the same day when your friends came to my hostel searching for a girl to help them with their mess and I then took them to my ROOM and they had my straightener.

    Funny it is, how God makes connection.

  26. you have great friends. its funny how people change over time.

  27. Things change, and sometimes FOR GOOD :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  28. You just gave me a thought...about thinking about my own 7 moments :)


  30. THIS is the best post I have read in a looooong time. Seriously. I love everything you wrote. A ll those 'best moments' of your life.
    We never realise how eventful our life is until we take a moment to look back and reflect. Sure, right now I think my life is boring, but when I really think, I too have all these moments that will stay with me forever.
    I can't tell you how much I love it.
    You are officially one of my favourite bloggers. I love your writing style!
    Ok i'll shut up now, I can't stop typing :P
    Once again, this post was amazing!

  31. She reads it before anyone else =D

  32. Aww lovely post <3

  33. Its so good to see that you've got so many beautiful and memorable moments in your life, I had mine but not so many. Or maybe I need to learn the art of enjoying every little thing in our lives.

    Some memories are worth blogging about. Keep writing.

  34. As I too believe, God has a plan always :) it was a nice read and hope you become writer sooner than you expect <3

  35. a people's person. thats what you are. all of them revolve around people close to you. :)

    btw that was a complement. not to be taken otherwise.

  36. I guess all those "wrong turns" do amount to something in the end :-)

  37. @Purple Mist: I am overwhelmed by your reply! Might i say your blog is absolutely addictive too? :D You are indeed one of my favorite bloggers! Thankyou so much, man. God bless!

    @Muhammad Usman Chaudhary: You are right when you said that some memories are worth blogging and some are worth remembering all the time. Keep reviving old times, the good ones. I am sure, life will be even more awesome! :)

    @Aman: Thankyou so much! :))

    @Chintan: Thanks a million for the wishes. I hope the same!

    @Raj: Hahaha. Yeah that's what people say. I am way too social person! But i feel great, at some moments i even happened to make some enemies, my best of friends too. :D

    @Agnes: Hey! Thanks for dropping by. And yes, indeed some wrong turns did give me a right ending. :))

  38. Girls ditched you for straightening their hair? Whaa? Nut-cases.
    This reminds me of a dialogue, The Joker's dialogue, "And I thought my jokes were bad."
    I mean what the hell? Mental people, you know you should go and cut their hair, but come on you shouldn't give a damn.
    This was nice.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. i dunno why my comment was deleted :/
    i was saying:
    i loved your post.. there are moments in your life whose happiness for others if you tell them may be nothing or very little but for you it means a lot. these 7 moments of yours are somewhat like that :) you know these moments of yours brought up some very old memories of mine too, that were a lil bit similar to yours and they strengthened my faith even more in "whatever happens, happens for good."
    i am following you :)


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