Thursday, 25 August 2011

Now who talks about AGE in Facebook World.

Do you sometimes realize that we are all aging and aging fast and all of sudden one day you'd realize there're more people who still don't know what Blogging means and what are the spellings of Diarrhea, while were all these people in the first place?

I still don't believe that i stepped into Blogger one damn day thinking how could people have all time in the world to even bother to write you know, about their lives and their happenings? And it's now that my Mozilla is up with 34tabs of all the bloggers cause its just so much intriguing and fun reading about people and their thoughts cause they so resemble with our lives. My friends still think i am insane to have enormously switched from Facebook to Blogger, but they don't know what i am talking about, yo? :P

I stepped into University life two years back and when i see the juniors coming in, i remember my time. I remember how i feared the change. How i feared people calling me a grown up, how i feared actually thinking about my future, how i feared choosing one path out of hundreds and how i feared the last few years of fun. I feared how it would all end so soon while talking to outgoing seniors, and i feared the ragging. I feared all of the stacks of books and i feared.. just aging. But now. I look at my juniors, worried about their grades and about if they would be able to score GPA above 3.0. Hahah. It amuses me to see them studying all the damn time when they can just enjoy, but then i had been to that time once. And i find myself stupid to worry about grades so much then, when i could study at last minutes too. It just amuses me so much, that now, they are the ones victims of Calculus and damn Fourier Series. :p

I see my brothers now asking me to teach them about Work, Power and Energy. I see my childhood photographs and my tiny toes. I look at my pictures all so intently cause that's me in there. And now i am the one, holding one of those pictures of mine. With big toes, now. I look at faces new on Facebook, for them Facebook is their world while we all were Orkut people sometime back. Soon there will be Google+ people and we'll be the oldest to know about Orkut. 

Time flies. Vanishes. Like in a blink of an eye. The gone moment, it's never coming back. Ever. Devour every piece of chocolate you eat, therefore.

I am aging and there are so many things i STILL have to do. Like reading Harry Potter. Like reading Forest Gump. Following series of Pirates of Caribbean. Each Nachos. Listen to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Making a collage of pictures for my wall. Wearing jeans. Studying circuits, once more. Write a book. Get into some foreign university. Buy a DSLR. Boy i am from some stone ages, no? :p

The past few days had been both very enchanting and down for me. For the fact that i sleep now for 14hours from 24, obviously proves the reason why i am feeling all so down. And this post too. That tells i have nothing to do then to think about me.. aging self. Wow. But the reasons for feeling up had been numerous. Starting from a friend unexpectedly coming over, to being recognized by blog mates all so suddenly. So yeah, a big Thanks goes to all of you.

Ovais. Ifra. Priyanka. Ezazi and Ateeq. You guys are like friends without faces. No, seriously. And it's fun sometimes, you know. And sometimes it's more worth the friendship without faces but words.

I know. I talk a lot. And i talk.. to myself most of the time.

P.s: Welcome to the new followers! :))
P.P.s: I am done with LOST ka season 4. :P


  1. WAS it really me mentioned up there,
    OMG, YES IT IS ME....

    and when i came to blogger i had the same thing in mind, i thought bloggers were freaks
    and now i am proud to call my self a freak. :D

    and the FRIEND part, wow, that was better than any award in this world that u count me as your friend, thanx for all the love.
    god bless u

  2. expression. its addictive. that s why facebook, orkut and now blogging seem to be so 'in'. :)

    happy growing up! :P

  3. i think blogger is an awesome place!

    i was never addicted to fb though..well may be! But i can say im addicted to blogger!

    And I just feel like reading n blogging n making friends!

    I love it!

    And there are so many things I wanna do - like read harry potter :p n so much more!:)

  4. @Ateeq: Well that was a SHOCK no? :P Hahahah. Same here, i am happy to be one of those freaks now. Cause Blogger is freakin' AWESOME! :D

    @Raj: Yeah, it's like the life is confined to these three networking sites. Too bad, we engineers should do something better than this. :P

    @Ridx: I THINK SO TOO! Facebook is so boring like seriously now. And i just got this huge enforced order by a friend to read Harry Potter so guess i will have to start it now. :/

  5. ow man. facebook sucks now. it does.

    we are always fretting anf fearing about the usual stuff.
    good one though =) pretty relatable.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Well whoelse knows better the times of Orkut than us ? It was fantabulous.

    Its awesome that we are getting newer and newer places that get saved in the memories of our life for always.

    Its all about experiencing everything.

    Loved reading it.

  8. That's sweet of you =)

    Blogger isn't fun without you, you know.. so you'd better keep posting. :p

    As for aging.. well. You can't do anything about it except enjoy life and still work for the things you need to. And wait for them, yes.

    You should come to the blogger meet up.
    Then we'd be friends with faces. :p

  9. Blogger is incomparable to Facebook.

    I have made so many friends, some with faces, some without and it's fun and somewhat soothing to see that many people have similar lives and lifestyles.

    You haven't read HARRY POTTER yet? Pirates of the Caribbean ? Teenage Dream ? You are living somewhere before the stone ages. ^_^

    Yes, you should come to the Blogger-Meet-up.

  10. read your comment. you are right, it isn't the best way to deal with things. but when it comes to fiction, it is the best way. adds spice. a certain mockery of the almighty. and of course lets you end things real quick. :P

    when it comes to life, you do live. for live you must. for one day you will realize why you lived in the first place. :)

  11. Hey that was a very cute post! We all are aging and i am not complaining. I like the change and i am prepared for more.

    You write really well!

  12. we are aging, no doubt about that. but i dont know about getting old. considering the situations around the world, i don't think we have much to live. the end is close, closer than we think.

  13. I did the same thing :) Quit facebooking and switched to blogging! And i don't even miss being on facebook!
    Social networking's so hyped up. But blogging, is like stepping into a whole new world!
    You have a nice blog :)
    I'm definitely following you :)
    I love Teenage dream and Harry Potter :D
    Keep blogging! Take Care.

  14. Work, Power and Energy.
    I now have a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Let's wear jeans on the 4th. K? K.

  15. Facebook is boring now... and it sucks =/

  16. Wow, we have some serious same-plane chemistry here, it was only yesterday that I was sneering at my juniors (for no reason except that I'm a senior:)) and thinking at the same time about what I'd felt in my 1st year, the hope, the excitement, the fear of ragging, failure, making new friends...
    And I look back to see that 21 years of my life has passed on so quick I don't even know where it all went!
    Aging, I don't know if age has made me mature but it sure as hell hasn't made me wiser;P Still tripping over buckets all over the place:D

    I often think what it will feel like when I'm 70 years old and teens will call me old-fashioned for singing dhinka-chika or having an FB a/c.

    And we ARE friends, who Inshallah, will meet someday and cease to be faceless:) Thank you for putting me in that list.

  17. Gah facebook isn't all that. Actually its quite the bore dunno why I even have it cause I'm rarely on it - blogger on the other hand yeah that's the thing.

    Aging isn't a problem (I will reconsider that statement when I hit thirty or so :p)

  18. I've always been more into blogging and micro-blogging (twitter). But social media has its impacts, since orkut, myspace, hi5. I tried almost all the platforms and still think Facebook always had more to offer and people didn't get bore out of it.

    Besides its good to be old :).

    PPS: After remaining two seasons I am sure you're planning in for Prison Break or maybe Chuck.

    PPPS: Nice change in layout. Your content is much more clear and readable. Great work!

  19. You have an awesome blog! Followed:)

    "And it's now that my Mozilla is up with 34tabs of all the bloggers cause its just so much intriguing and fun reading about people and their thoughts cause they so resemble with our lives."

    I totally agree with you-that's like what happens to me too. And because of blogger, I don't get bored!

    Hope to see you at my blog soon :)

  20. true true...blogger is an addiction:)...<3 :)
    hahaha yeah i used to think the same...that how amzaingly we moved on from orkut to facebook..and then facebook to blogger..! i am waiting for another site to come..btu i guess by that time i would be telling my kids not to use it!:D
    loved the post...<3 :D

  21. You're awarded :)


  22. yes...facebook is boring now to me too... blogger is finds new people, new blogs, new topics and varied interests...always something to learn, something to think about...
    and yes aging is natural although humans are trying since the ancient times to stop the process but no one succeeded.... so live the moment..enjoy life do good to others and chill :)

  23. And thanks to blogger I have a chance to lnow about awesome people like you <3

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog randomly. Amazing how flies by, really. Like you, two years of university life has flown by for me too. And I look at all of my old pictures and read all the old blog posts and wonder about the young girl I used to be.

  25. Haw, KN, you deleted Ifra's comment.

    Tsk tsk, very bad. :p
    I just felt like annoying someone. :p

  26. @Mahnoor: Yeah Facebook time is over.
    @Imad: Oh yeah, our experience can't be described with just words.
    @Hamza & Ovais: Well i am a Lahori, so can't come to Kaachi Blogger-Meet-Ups. :p Too bad!
    @Red Handed: Haha. Yeah i love aging too to some extent, btw. :P
    @ButterFly Effect: You are right, considering the situation around, life has gone more unpredictable.
    @Philo: Hey! Welcome to my Blog. :) Going to listen to Teenage Dream NOW. Finally.
    @Mehwish: Okay. Jeans on 4th.
    @Aman: I knowwww! :/ Well you will have to reconsider the statement then. I am pretty sure about that. :P

  27. @Priyanka: I totally second your statement when you said age certainly doesn't have made us any wise. ANY WISER AT ALL. :P

    And yeah i hope we meet up soon. Really soon!

    @Muhammad Usman Chaudhry: Surely it would be Prison Break. And yeah, i myself think too that content seems more readable now. Thanks to your post! :D
    @The Floodgate Of Feelings: EXACTLY. Some day from now our children would think of us from stone age to believe in networking through Facebook.
    @Soumya: Yeah i checked! Thank you so much. :)
    @Muhammad Israr: Exactly. Every other moment i somehow manages to find something interesting to read no matter what. Blogger is surely a blessing!
    @Maham: Aww! That was sweet now. Blogger is for awesome people like us, like you! xD
    @Tazeen: Hahah. Well i am new to blogger so haven't actually stumbled upon my old posts but i am sure years from now, they would give a different feeling. :)
    @Ovais: Hahaha. Don't let two bloggers fight! :p

  28. @CriketFreak: Hey! :D Welcome to my Blog. Surely i'll take a ride to your blog very soon!

    And i am glad you liked the post. Means much! :D

  29. i DID :\ agar ni huva to I blame it on word verification.

    Doing again :]

    Aging let us relish childhood :D & BLOGGER & FB. NO COMPARISONS :D
    ET ki diwani ho gai ho tum :P

    @ovais yo ANNOYING ORANGE :D

  30. You need a shout box.
    Otherwise, whenever we comment again, everyone gets an email like Facebook's notifications thingy. :P

    Hey Ifra! =D

  31. I know! We're all so old!
    I mean haven't you heard? "Pachaas saal ka huwa Rafhan" :P

  32. Pachaas ka hogaya? :P
    Bus Uruj, we aren't far from 50 too. :p

  33. *reincarnated*



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