Monday, 22 August 2011

Ma&Me take#2.

A profound sorta lecture going on my Anger Management where a moment reaches like:

Ma: Beta itna ghusa agey ki zindagi ke liyey acha nai.
Me: Ma, now don't say, Shaaadi wali zindagi ke liyey.
Ma: Ofcourse, shaadi wali zindagi ke liyey.

And the same conversation of almost every house here, repeat all over again. Amazing.


  1. OMG... thats what every mom keeps on saying again and again. lol. moms fave lectures :P.

    truly amazing :P

  2. That's why I've set the limit of 26 before my family can even start looking xD

  3. Kasmay aisa hi hota hai har jagah o.O

  4. Hahahahahaha.

    I told my parents that I'd find whoever I wanted to marry. And since Islam says that you are allowed to choose who you want to marry, and my parents did, they agreed XD

    They tell me to wait till I have kids whenever I get mad at something my brothers do.
    I tell them to wait till they have grandkids. XD

  5. fortunately for me, i never got to that stage. i'm the youngest in the family, got married sab se pehle. i was never near the age to hear that convo, plus my marriage being a love one, these weren't necesary.:P

  6. @ovais, that's one argument-winning point, me likey;)

  7. hmmmm... but it doesnt sotp people from getting mad :) this argument of moms and children going for ages ;)

  8. lolx good one. I usually get lecture about similar stuff to prepare and practice of getting home early and don't stay at office during late hours.

  9. Okay..yeah I didn't understand the conversation. haha :p

  10. I am so happy!

    My mama never gives me lecture like that! :p :)

  11. Mama always says right... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  12. Hahahah Sai tou kehti hain :P

    I wonder how you will fight with your "SAAS" :P

  13. shadi wali zindagi k lie :D XD..
    sounds like u get dangerous when u r angry,
    Beware, don't get near to her when she is angry, otherwise there is no guarantee whether u will return in a single piece :D

  14. My mom has a different version. ''if u show this attitude in the home u get married to, ur husband will not tolerate nd u will end up coming back''. To wich my reply is '' i am the modern self sufficient earning chick, i b fine still''

  15. I agree with you know..I dont know why our nanis and ammis life revolve around our shadis..

    "khana pakana seekh lo,susral walay kia kahain gay,kitni non-sughar hai :P"

    "unchi awaz main baat na karo....(and I reckon most of the women die of heart attack due keeping stuff to their heart"

    ok I agree its hard to be a paki-bahu but still until we are living at our mom and dads house thora sa chill tou banta hai na yaar ;)

  16. Hahaha ! Shadii :P
    My Mom gives these lectures to my sister and i LOVEEEE it ;) (HAHAHAHA) *EVIL*


  18. I am in the process of becoming an engineer with a dream of becoming a writer. Seriously.

    i am an engineer writing a novel :)

    once u get a job when outta college, if you like the job, its addictive. you will barely find time to write. so enjoy it while it lasts.

    abt d post, lol. the anger will settle. trust me on that. btw tell that to ur mom once and she will never say anything lyk dat again :P

  19. Hhahaah such main yara easa hi hota hain :D

  20. Exactly this is with my mom too. And its no use of telling her that I DON'T WANT to discuss marriage right now cause it is mothers you know, to worry about their daughters A LOT.

    Khair, such conversations take place almost with every most of us, especially GIRLS and we're too helpless about it to do anything. :p

    Even if i stop like Raj said, she's wouldn't stop. So no use. :P

  21. Lol, my mum says how shaadi is a pain in the arse and how I should chill in life and STOP thinking about all that jazz ^_^


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