Monday, 5 September 2011

Dreams That Can Never Be Enough.

Disclaimer: Believe it or not but the below mentioned facts, along with the incident placed are real and no fiction is added or amended.


Once I believed that dreams are the supernatural creation of God and everyone is not blessed with it but me or maybe some more people. There’s way we mean whenever we talk about dreams. Some people talk about dreams in words of ambitions and goals, while I am talking about dreams as a phenomenon.

A year back I was given this assignment to present on the topic of dreams. Though I thought it wasn’t much of an elaborated topic, I asked my instructor to reconsider the topic but she confined herself and stuck to her word. That day, I actually happened to research about this beautiful phenomenon, this law of nature, this spontaneous bit of pleasure where everything can be anything, where all you want is all you have, where this world is just a place and this life is just a piece, where all your thoughts become a reality. Not every dream actually gives you sense of felicity but grief too. Like watching a death of someone beloved or having met with some accident.

At times you must have realized that you jerk while sleeping, well those are called myclonic jerks. And when you see someone sleeping and their eyes blinking, you should know that they are dreaming.

I read about the phenomenon of Lucid dreams, these are the dreams in which you actually know that you are dreaming and hence, some people who are conscious enough to be able to not wake up knowing also that they are in a dream, are able to control whatever is happening in their dreams. I used to have lucid dreams, a lot of them, but every time I used to realize I was in a dream, I don’t know, my mind wasn’t bright enough to change anything and hence I used to forget that I was dreaming eventually. Last night though, it was different. I was standing in this room where from a distance I could see a door, an opened door, illuminating the room with the bright light. There were some people in my room that I didn’t recognize, but some way I just realized I was dreaming, and thank God, I didn’t forget it. I kept saying the myself like poem that i was dreaming so I won't forget as I started moving towards door. I knew who so ever I would call for, I would encounter. At reaching the door, I realized I was in this university from Karachi, that I probably have never been to before (but I have seen it in the pictures of my friends). So I went out, not forgetting it’s a dream and I can do whatever I want to, I started calling for a friend I really longed to see. While moving from road to another, I kept calling onto her, meanwhile I saw many projections of familiar faces but I knew if I’ll proceed, I’d forget about my dream, so I kept calling while roaming everywhere. And there, behind a branch of this huge tree, I saw her sitting in her yellow dress that is her profile picture on Facebook nowadays. I saw her and I ran to her. I knew she wasn’t real and this whole thing was just a dream, but I hugged her and cried all I wanted to. I cried because I don’t know, maybe it felt right. I cried because there were so many times, I wanted her to be with me but she wasn’t. I held onto her and kept weeping while she made no sound and stood still. And there, her mother showed up and she left. It was all so intense that I actually myself decided to wake up because she was gone. (The moment probably where I forgot I was dreaming, and I could still see her if I wanted to). And the other moment I woke up, and my face wall all blooded with tears and sweat.

And the moment was so impulsive that I just started weeping up to myself. It was the first time I actually had been smart enough to use dream as a medium to meet my loved ones who are far, far away. Sometimes you realize the worth of something, after losing it. And then you have nothing to do about it but just reviving old good memories with that precious "Something". I know, I probably don’t mean as much to her, as much she means to me. I know I shouldn’t be missing her this much, but you always have this friend in life with whom you can be all evil and witchy. She was that one.

Maybe I should be thankful to God for not only providing me with some extraordinary memories of a good friend but dreams too. In which I can meet her. And many others too, who I probably miss a lot.

Good times.

Have fun dreaming. :)


  1. your post reminds me of a favorite movie of mine, named Waking Life. It's very interesting, the plot is about a guy who got hit by a car then realized that he is stuck inside his dream. In short, it's a movie about lucid dreams and philosophy and I think you should check it out. Wish you a happy blogging day.

  2. u know u r dreaming....
    and u can see what ever comes into ur mind,
    a big wowwww
    is this the same type of dream that was shown in inception :/

  3. sometimes i know am dreaming, but i cant help it. the bad happens and i usually end up getting up after everythings done, all with tears and sweat.

    well, call up your friend, and tell her how much u miss her =)

  4. I can almost never tell when I'm dreaming. I feel like it's all real.
    My dreams come true.
    The sane ones.

  5. Many times I know that I'm dreaming, like when I have a nightmare I keep shouting in my dreams "wAKE UP YOU'RE ASLEEP THIS IS NOT REAL!" :P

  6. komal. your parents named you aptly. i didn't know you were capable of such emotion. am glad you are. as for dreams, thats a whole new topic. the sub cnscious mind. its a whole new evil.

  7. Nice post, loved it

    stay blessed ^_^

  8. Ah! About dreams, this reminds me of a very strange true dream. I dreamt that me and my friend had been caught up in cross-fire near a flat 5-10 mins away from my home. It was during afternoon nap. Later in the evening when I was going to have dinner outside with exactly the same friend, I told him about this dream and imagine what, it really happened at the same place and events occurred just like I dreamt. Even my friend was shocked, as if I planned every single thing. Though luckily we survived the whole thing :).

    By the way another relevant thing is our upcoming product launch, a social platform where people actually share their dreams and other people (followers/friends) comment/interpret those dreams for them. Nice article, keep writing.

  9. ah..such a wonderful post about details of dreaming... myclonic dreams... i almost daily have these..and with a jerk i wake up... :(
    of other dreams..i usually forget in the morning what was the dream :)....

  10. Umm..when i dream i know m dreaming and can even change the plot :P

  11. @Linux & Me: I am definitely going to check this movie out if its about dreams and stuff. Thanks a lot! :D

    @Ateeq: Hahah, Inception was whole different concept. But dream is such a beautiful medium where anything and everything is possible. :P

    @Mahnoor: Yeah that happens with most of us. it just requires enough will to change it. And yeah i do miss her a lot. :)

    @Ovais: Hahahaha. I wish the insane dreams could come true for all of us. :p OMG! I DO THAT TOO A LOT MANY TIMES! :P :D

    @Raj: Haha, thanks. Dream is a whole different evil. Rightly said! :D

    @Shashank: Thanks a lot! :)

    @Usman: REALLY? That's amazing. Never such thing happened with me yet. Sometimes our sub conscious mind can be so strong to even predict the upcoming.

    And you should definitely invite all of us to that plat form too! I would love to share my dreams with people who can actually interpret it.

    @Muhammad Israr: Hahah, that happens with all of us. Jerks wake you up! :P

    @Red handed: YOU TOO? :D We gotta meet sometime then. :P

  12. yah i have seen my self running after a lion. :P
    and the lion was screaming :
    "bachao, bachao". :D

  13. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  14. i know what you mean when you say that u actually knew while dreaming that you were in a dream. i've had similar ones... sometimes about my brother, he's not in Pakistan, haven't met him for 9 10 yrs almost. at other times about people that i miss.. sometimes i wake up my eyes all wet and heart all heavy... it leaves me helpless...

  15. Wow, finally someone who makes me feel that i'm not weird; not that YOU'RE weird! :p
    This happens to me too, a LOT of times. When I know i'm dreaming and I'm searching for a specific thing/someone. Or sometimes before sleeping, I wonder about a specific thing... for example a place I've never been to and then when I'm asleep, viola! I'm actually IN that place and I can explore it at MY will. The feeling is wonderful, mysterious, psychic, crazy and what not!

    But it is awesome!!!
    And so was your post! :)

  16. @Ateeq: Hahaha. Oh well I hope that's a lion screaming. :P

    @Shoiab: Oh thanks A lot! It feels great when people just happen to come across my blog and like it all. :)

    @the butterfly effect: That happens with all of us most of the time actually without us realizing it. It's good ono? At least we get to meet people we miss a lot.

    @Mastan: Hahahaha. Its good to find that someone out there is equally weird too. :D
    And isn't that great that you have such lucid dreams most of the time? I think it is. THANKYOUSOMUCH. XD

  17. Dreams are way better than reality!
    You can have the strength to eat all the food in the world!


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