Thursday, 1 September 2011



You know what i love about these festivals? Though yeah, at some point, these festivals are just like another day for me, like i was having this debate with a friend last night on the fact that he considers me a complete BORE and inhuman form of a female. Why? Cause i don't like Mehendi. I don't like all dressing up, putting on make up and sitting up like some dummy doll just cause I am supposed to be looking all fresh and good. I don't find anything actually AMAZING which can spark me to enjoy Chaand Raat, unless.

Unless it's all about Food and Cakes and some more food. Unless it's all about Pizza, Chicken Karahi and those continental dinners by Nana (grand father). Otherwise, I don't really have a reason to enjoy it. I swear.

Like it was Eid today, and I slept at 6 in the momring after watching Griffin & Phoenix (I tell you what, it's a nice movie. Especially when you feel like having cancer yourself. Who wants that, yo? I do.) And woke up at dead 12, ate dozen of cheesed nuggets and slept again, while you all can imagine my Mom yelling at me to change and PLEASE change. I did, but not before I had to go out to some relatives. There, as usual, I was embraced with comments like:

"Look at you! All so grown up. :D"
"I think we all should now think about Komal's Marriage" (winks towards by bored/dead/sneer face)
"Who's next number? Its yours!!"
"She's almost 20. Lets talk about some wedding plans now, what say?" (Hee-Hee)
"She's a total copy of her Mum"

Feels like there's either nothing to talk about, or they just want me to blush and say "Aunti? Please. (following a smile pinning with it, blush and shine and bits of giggles perhaps?)
But the obviously awesome part was that I got to eat Pies and Apricot trifles. Hence I busied myself with Food for a while. It was fun, with food. You see, i don't have many my-age-group cousins, so instead of playing hide and seek with them, I prefer spending some quality time with Kitchen and refrigerators. Oh, if there's a library, than it's Awesome. I love reading synopsis of novels and i love borrowing novels and i hate buying them.

So came back, i thought of writing something. It's been long since I actually felt like writing and i did, thank God, today. The dark clouds have passed and i am quite much back to myself. Would be writing some fun posts soon. Though my Shaadi-Fun posts are sarcastic enough no? No. Okay.

Happy Eid to all my Muslim and Non Muslim friends. May God bless you with awesome ideas to write awesome posts in upcoming awesome years. :)

P.s: Since my little cousin asked, and since i felt like an idiot to not yet figure it out, help me with this riddle. It's in Urdu.

Lakri ka ghora
Lohay ki lagaam
Utar aou bibi
Walikum Asalam. 
Weird na? I knowwww. 0____0  


  1. LOL. well my day was same, except, im on diet now :P

    lol i luuurve mehndi =D u might be the only girl who doesnt like it =S

    nd the pahelis mushkil, seriously.

  2. komsl, seriously dude! i hate all that too. and lucky for me, my husband does too. i hate the smell of mehndi which usually ends up as a reason for me not wearing any. the most eww-est part of life is getting dresssed up just so people don't talk. i mean i wasn't concerned before i got married ( and i ain't concerned now) but my darling mother in law loves it. she has no daughter of her own so she heartily wants me to look all gaga. but my sweetheart husband doesnt want me like that, lucky eh;)?

  3. I hate mehindi! I used to think that im one weird person but dude we have something in common that is very uncommon ! ;)

    Eid Mubarak!

  4. Oh! the whole marriage thing has started for you. It started for me too when i turned twenty and i have been fightin it for 2 yrs now :P
    Love your posts coz they are cute *(sorry for some reason) and funny!

  5. I hate the smell of Mehndi :/

    ROFL @

    "May God bless you with awesome ideas to write awesome posts in upcoming awesome years. :)"


    'People Always Said "You're Next!" At Weddings. So I Said It At A Funeral.' Amy Cleavage.

    Your posts are so wonderfully terrific.
    Eid Mubarak Komal!!!

  6. I don't like the smell of mehendi.

    I used to want cancer.. Now I don't. :P

    My relatives used to give ME that when I grew taller than them. Texting a lot gave them the idea that I had a few dozen girl friends, for some reason.

    You love long comments na? :P :P

    The riddle sounds a lot like the wooden horse that was gifted to Troy by the Mykene.

  7. I don't like mehndi either >.< Always made me wanna barf.

    Really makes you wonder why old aunties are always so excited for marriages? You should tell them straight to their faces that you'll complete your education and get a job before even considering marriage =P

  8. @Ateeq: Haina? I knoww! :P

    @Imad: Tum surprise ki tayaari pakro. :P

    @Mahnoor: Haha, yeah i know. Everybody says that. But see, we found Areesha and Butterfly in our league. :D

    @butterfly effect: YOU ACTUALLY ARE LUCKY IF YOU HUSBAND ISN'T MUCH OF A MAKE UP LOVER. And i know it's even more tragic to dress for someone else. :/

    @Hamza: Hahaah. I swear, this is what i am gonna say to the aunti who come and try to talk to me about my stupid wedding plans. :P

    @Ovais: Happens! In fact same happened with me brother when he grew taller. People thought he was into some girls. :p

    And yes i know. The paheli is so darn stupid.

    @Red Handed: I've been fighting for quite long too. Now its going to become more horrifying with each passing day. :P And thanks a lot!

    @Ridx: YOU TOO! ;D Awesome! Good to see people from my side of the world.

    @Muhammad: Thankyou. :)

  9. I luv mehndi..for galz..:-)
    And no one talk about my shaadi although I have crossed 20 like half a century ago:-(k about my shaadi although I have crossed 20 like half a century ago:-(

  10. komal indeed, i am:)

    @mohammad israr, omg! you're 70 yrs old :O:D

  11. I didn't know girls hate mehndi, but after reading the entry and comments I'll have to update my knowledge-base :P.

    About marriage, at this age its common, at my end its getting more serious and my mum is literally in searching mode these days :).

    PS: I didn't manage to find the solution to riddle. Let me know when you find it. I'm getting curious :D

  12. Lakri ka ghora
    Lohay ki lagaam
    Utar aou bibi
    Walikum Asalam.

    i dont know urdu, but i know kiddish. he wanted to play :P

    'Though yeah, at some point, these festivals are just like another day for me, like i was having this debate with a friend last night on the fact that he considers me a complete BORE and inhuman form of a female.' show him the blog. he will probably hang himself then be reborn to shoot himself out of guilt :P

  13. @Muhammad Israr: HAHAHA. Seriously!! Well you must be envying me really bad then. :P And i didn't know any guys like mehendi for girls. From what i know, they hate it's odor. :D

    @Usman: Well then you are going on through that period of time too. But you don't sound nervous, AT ALL. Seems like nothing is going against your will, maybe. :P And yes, there ARE girls who hate mehendi.

    @Raj: Hahaha. I will tell him to read. I swear there's nothing i want but him to hang himself. But he'd want me the same for me too then. :P

    And i discovered the answer. It was Chula (stove) and taw'wa (Pan). 0_0

  14. @Komal: Yeah and no I'm not nervous at all why should I be :D and when you have no specific will anything positive works for you ;), that is the case with me.

    PS: Good to know the solution to riddle. :)

  15. I was surprised when reading this post. I thought muslim girls from Pakistan would be very conservative and wear the black veils all the time. Never know that pakistani girls could be that funny.

    Btw, I'm from Vietnam so please forgive my ignorance. All I know about your country and culture are from TVs lol.

    I really like your blog and writing style. Followed.

  16. yes i dont like its odour but still i like it very much when it is dried and cleaned :)

  17. This riddle I don't understand. Aaaahhh food!! That's the best part about every festival!
    People have nothing to talk about except some girl's wedding and crap. I mean I've had more than 3 proposals of guys who're in their 30s. I hope they're not here :P haha!


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