Monday, 29 August 2011

'Coz Laughing NOT hurts?

I know it's been a while since I've blogged but the thing is i am having one of those low days in which writing seems likes a cumbersome job. But anyways, i would write about what I desperately want to feel. Cause you know what, mates? You realize the worth of something once you stop having it. Once it's gone, even though for a while. And for now, what I miss the most, and though it might sound corny to some people out there, is Laughing.

I LOVE TO LAUGH. And sometimes, just for the sake of it, I have been founded laughing at the situations damn serious. Like once my mother was yelling at me for keeping the font of her presentation 'Ariel' but i was stuck with 'Times New Roman' cause i just love it, I started laughing. I couldn't control it. And she just stopped and gave me those looks which can slice the hardest stone in two, but i just could not stop it. Other time, on dining table, while Dad was discussing some serious finance issue with Mom, i started laughing cause everything was getting too serious and I can't eat Biryani with that mood on the table. And yet again, i was welcomed with those stern looks.

At times, i don't know how it happens or if it has happened with you, but you just can't stop it. It comes from within. Like lamest jokes seems the most hilarious one. My brother, the youngest one sometimes delight us with his jokes that we find hard to laugh at but in such serious situations when people especially parents don't want you to laugh, or that's just irritating them, you happen to can't control laughing at your brother's silly jokes. Situations when my friends start to cry, I start to laugh and give the most informal/discourteous/insensitive impression. I don't know how it happens or, maybe like Chandler Bing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S said

"Hello i am Chandler and I make jokes when I am uncomfortable''. 

But at times, not even the stand up comedy by Dane Cook can make you laugh.

Hope this period doesn't prevail for long. I hate loopholes in the smooth going of my life.

P.s: I am grateful to Soumya for honoring me by putting my name in one of her sweet posts. Thanks a million. You know what i love about her blog besides writing? How can she come up with such a genius abbreviation of LOL. Awesome.


  1. Nicely written and love the title of the post...:)

  2. I so get the laughing part. The worst is when the teacher says something particularly stupid or with a pronounced accent and she/he doesn't even realize it making it even more difficult for us to laugh out loud.

    Don't have low days:| festival coming up, best thing ever na?

  3. So you are having days without any "Chehchorapan" ? :P

    Sorry i cant give serious comments because I CANT STOP LAUGHING :P like you were ;)...

    Come back soon to your Normal. We"ll have loads of Chehchorapan then :)

  4. here is a lame joke so you can stop missing and start laughing.

    4 women were sitting on a bench quietly.

  5. I can totally relate to the laughing part. Oh my there have been many times I laughed when I SHOULDN'T have laughed. Or when its dead quiet when someones being so serious I can't help but crack up! :p

    I hope you get out of those low days and start blogging more cause I like reading your posts :)

  6. The title is so apt :D

    You know what girl, my mom sometimes worries a lot about me, I laugh without reason so many times, shes worried that people would start labelling me as a mad woman soon :D

    Blog more often :)

    I like your place :)

  7. LOL! the times new roman part was really funny. i totally get what you mean here. i can't help but giggle when everyone is really serious (especially if it's during iftari time.)
    and that Chandler quote was so apt!
    your posts make my day. you're a great writer. :)

  8. I am blessed with a few people around..who laugh so unabashedly that it is contagious...(not that I,myself, don't like laughing..)

    Laughing in stress and when in problems...its probably same as playing in rain...when you have fever.. (I have done it..and it works :P )

    So..hope..your sad phase is over soon...
    Good Luck


  9. i can totally relate to this... and i wish the grownups cud start laughiung too... but somehow everything is always way serious for them...:) and i think even they cant help it... like we cant help laughing:P

    hehe!!!! but i love to laugh... and giggle... and ohh when ppl dont get it... i feel like wanting to give them some of my sense of humour as a gift...

  10. lol, i can so relate to all of this,
    i am always laughing, and my mom says,
    "ateeq kabhi serious bhi hjaya karo".
    but i just can't be serious.
    cheers for being jokers :P


    I start laughing at texts and stuff when my parents are talking about serious stuff.
    It really defuses the tension, everyone wants to know what's funny, and my dad glares at me so that distracts him =D

  12. thanx fort mentioning Dane cook:) by the way... i just got one hilarious act of his...:D Got me laughing hard!


  13. i too just saw one by him...the atheist one..
    he is damn funny..

  14. Laughing is everything. You're a genius if you can find humor in the post pathetic of situations which I always tend to do :). I head the Chandler Bing community almost.

    Thanks for writing good things about my blog. The best part about calling it LOL was that it can go with any explanation. 'Lots of love', 'Lack of love', 'Lessons of life' etc etc. And the actual 'Laugh out loud' makes more sense too :)

  15. awww. its been so long since i laughed,as in LAUGHED :P i miss my uni. cant wait for it to get open again.

    totally relateable post.=)

  16. Laughter is a tranquilizer :]


  17. I love the title :) And I love the post.
    Cheer up :D
    I love Chandler Bing :D
    Once i start laughing, I just can't stop :D
    Take care :)

  18. Awesome post, though there are times when its harder to even smile leave aside laughing, but if you've habit of doing this even in sad situations, I'm glad you know how to live life, smiling.

  19. Saru: Thank you so much. The title just hit me spontaneously. :)

    @Priyanka: Apologies for the late reply if you are reading this. I just had a bad period that's all. And i completely agree with your PRONUNCIATION part. It gets so hard to control laughing. :P

    Eid, well almost. HOPE SO IT'S FUN.

    @Imad: I am back to my chechorpan don't worry! I'll text you soon. :D

    @Raj: IT ACTUALLY MADE ME LAUGH! NO KIDDING! :D EXACTLY! Laughign at all those wrong times i don't know how, feel absolutely right. I am on it. Will publish new post soon! :D

    @Serendipity: Hhaahah. My mom already calls me half mad cause of my inability to control my laugh. :p
    Will post soon and thanks a lot! :)

    @Furree Kat: Thank you so much, young lady. Means a lot. And CHANDLER IS LIKE AWESOME. <3

    @Kunal: Such a brilliant example i would say. And you know what? Sometimes it's fun to take a chance and play in rain while running high fever. :D

    @Love: Sense of Humor is a treasure! A quality. It's like a magic not everyone can posses! ::D

    @Ovais: HAAHAH. THe first one was so damn hilarious! Thanks A lot. :)

    @Ateeq: I tagged DANE cause i knew at least you would watch it. :P HE IS HILAAAARIOUS!

    @Soumya: You actually are genius to come up with such explanations of LOL except the mere typical one. Your blog IS awesome!

    @Mahnoor: ME TOO!! Can't wait to go back to normal routine.

    @Philo: Thank you so much. And yeah, Bing is the hero. :D

    @Muhammad Usman Chaudhry: It is indeed the best way to live the life. I presume I'd be having wrinkles by 30. :D

  20. really? now for being so nice, here's another one.

    so two women are sitting on a bench quietly minding their own business...

    if u laugh at is, well you are just adorable :P

    They are the only creature who can NEVER mind their own business! :D

  22. i also know women who can. and fine women they are! :)

    but yes they are also bad company. not in the bad bad way but in the there is nothing to say really way. :P

    so i am guessing your laughing problem is over yes?

  23. Yeah i am done with that patch. :D I tell you what? Don't judge women and don't make an outlook like you KNOW women cause no one can.

    NO ONE.

  24. i dont judge women. i simply fall in love with them, treat them like princesses and give a shot at understanding them. its pretty much the most obvious thing about me.

    and i never said i know women. you did :) for some reason best known to you. i can merely just guess. after all you are a woman too :P

  25. Hahaha..I miss Chandler Bing like a lot. I mean that is like the best comedy character in the history of TV-series. Oh yes I've had such idiotic times. But to be honest, I mean laughter is an amazing thing, best medicine ever, no? I mean don't you people remember Dr. Asthana from Munna Bhai :P ?

  26. HAHAHAHAHA. DR.Asthana was the best! God you just reminded me of such a great movie. I should probably watch it again. I always loved Circuit, you have no idea and the way he used to say BAAHEYE. :P


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