Sunday, 7 August 2011

And my Cat's got diarrhea besides..

Nowadays, besides all the ongoing ibadat, waking up reluctantly at Sehris, the fact that my cat (Yes, she's persian. And yes she's she) has got diarrhea, discovering my brother's abnormal obsessions, reading Jodi Picoult's Handle with Care, listening to Ami's continuous ranting regarding my unwillingness to eat Bhindi & Turai, to her punch lines like 'Beta abhi nai seekho gi tou shaadi ke baad pachtao gi' (If you won't learn now, you'll regret after marriage :p) while I am looking at her from sofa as she bakes a Chocolate Lave Cake, besides my friend getting his knee operated just cause he's a football freak, unstoppable forward lame messages, my laptop downloading speed be regulating between 20kb/s to 200kb/s, reading blogs and envying people bagging 100+ followers, abandoning music for this month rather switching to instrumental like Hammock, and besides all the whatever humidity in Lahore surrounding my very existence, I, hereby, confess that I have developed a huge-untranslatable-gigantic addiction to:

I talk a lot no?
Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I have finally started watching LOST. Spare the details above. I'm just an incessant talker. 

P.s: If you haven't watched it yet, you probably are living in 1st generation computers wala time. Like me.

And Hello to new stalker/followers. :D


  1. Yeay new post.

    Did I tell you you're on my list of seven interesting blogs? Which means blog posts.. are awesome.

    Haw, take your cat to the vet or give her medicine :p

    Wow, you're on 19 followers already. It took me months to get to twenty-five!

  2. xD stalker/followers says hello back.

    And I'm stuck on Grey's Anatomy, LOST has to wait :P

  3. And I've never seen LOST as well. -___-

  4. Lost has to wait. :)

    After the Seinfeld, its the time for 'the Wonder Years' and then probably Prison Break


  5. LOL at the Shadi ka baad wala dialogue=D

    I've never seen LOST as well. -___-

    And your blog is one of my ultimate favorites!!!

    And no need to fret about followers! I got 25 after four months! You already have..

    *Goes off to check*

    Twenty followers!!=d

    Ramadan Kareem!!

  6. ahan... I have not watched that LOST and probably i am still living in the DOS computer wala time :P

    P.S. get well soon your cat :)

  7. Oh thankyou so much you guys! :D

    @Amna: Hahaha. I knew somebody would come up with that. :D

    @Ovais: Really?! That's one hell of a compliment, seriously. Thanks a lot for being a regular reader! :D

    @Priyanka, Kunnal & AcetylCholine: WELL YOU MUST WATCH LOST THEN. YOU MUST! Grey's Anatomy is next on my list after Lost. After FlashForward. After, probably Brothers&Sisters. :P

    @Hamza: Hahah, coming from the guy who's blog is my ultimate favorite? Geez that's big. :D THANKS A MILLION. :)

    @M.Israr: Well you should then. It's one good entertainment, and keeps you stick with it. :) Thanks for dropping by. The cat is cool now. :D

  8. Hahahah I love the way you talk so much :D
    Yesss I know the shaadi ke baad thing -.- my mom is ALWAYS saying if I don't learn to cook, what will I do after getting married? Urgh, it's so annoying :P

    Haha, I want to watch Lost too, but no time right now :/

  9. Honestly I didn't like Lost it got me so bored that I stopped watching it after 2nd season. Though some people love it, I recommend watching Prison Break, 24, Criminal Minds, Psych, Leverage, and there is a whole list :P...

    Yeah learn to cook :P it'll be real handy in future.

  10. I missed the best do watch Chuck as well in fact watch it before any other series.

  11. Purple Mist: Haina? It gets annoying too over here. A way too much. And start watching LOST as son as you can. Its awesome! :D

    @Muhammad Usman Chaudhry: Yeah people told me that it would get boring after 2nd season but i didn't happen to get bored of it and i am almost on 4th now. :P I would definitely watch Prison Break, it like suggested by almost all of my friends too! :D

    Cooking would be handy. That's exactly my Mom's daily motto. :P


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