Sunday, 14 August 2011

CAKE & everything nice.

Is it right when people say that we are happy where our heart is? There are so many things in life that we desire, that we love and that we crave for, but don’t get them, for the time is unable to give space to us.

Like I have been craving for a piece of cake, a chocolate mushed pineapple cake with Twix bars all over it, for like a month now, but I can’t take enough time out of my old monotonous life routine to enjoy what I actually want, and which will perhaps give me contended feeling too.

There are so many things, we want to do, we plan, scrutinize it and lipstick it on our mirrors or perhaps ‘shave-cream’ it in case of, well men, not boys. The thing is we procrastinate in every phase of our life, which in fact sucks.

-I should buy this Levi's Tee's, though I have enough money in my pocket, but nah, I will buy it soon.
-OMGOMGOMG I LOVE THESE EARRINGS! Yeah, will buy them tomorrow.
-I should go out and enjoy the rain, wet in it but then my new kaprey would be ruined, so just leave it.
-TWIX. But I just had mac’n cheese so, leave it.
-I should go and tell her that she’s my best friend and I am sorry for what I did, but no she won’t understand.
-I love him, but does he love me too? No, he doesn’t, so just don’t give it another thought.
-I want to sing karaoke but people will make fun of me, so I should not.
-Hey Mom, can you stop by Masoom's? I wanna check the raspberry pie *exactly 5 seconds later while Mom is about to reach the place and finally asks you* ‘So, do you think you want it all so desperately? and right there you change your mind cause yet again you procrastinate. You think you will have more days to live and ‘some other time’ you will have it and enjoy it because you know you want it.

But do we know is there going to be any tomorrow? Do we know we will ever get a chance to enjoy these little moments of bliss and happiness and worth enjoying pleasurable times, ever next time? Is there any next time waiting for us? Life is indefinable. Unpredictable and in fact a surprise. Indeed a surprise. 

This ‘BUT’ and ‘SOME OTHER TIME’ tags ruin us all. They halt us from making the moves right away. They don’t let us be what we want to be right at that moment. They hinder the spontaneity of the life. I don’t say, we should do things without giving them a glimpse of our second thoughts, but something’s just must be done because they bring us to peace.


This all started from a bloody cake, and had I eaten that bloody cake, maybe I would have not been here writing this post. Some days back, I read this post by a blog-mate, where he wrote a whole giant post regarding his friend, who was unfortunately expired a day back, and who always wanted him to write one post on him, but my blog-mate never got a chance. The same chance, I was talking about.

So, all I meant to say was do everything that you want to do, right at that moment without thinking twice, be adventurous, take steps forward, jump, budge, fall and rise again. Enjoy every bit of life, eat every cake you want, and whatever the pastry there is on the shelf that intrigues you, even though the man beside you tells you not to buy it cause he has tasted it and found it stale. Tell your friend what he/she means to you, remind them that you love them and you fear losing them even though you are bad at verbal, try sign language. Cause, this time or the other, you will thank me and my cake for doing that. 

                So here’s to my cake and to our unfulfilled desires!

Have a great day.
And get me a CAKE.

P.s: In case you are wondering about the cake in the picture, its my friend's art. She'll bake me one, on my birthday. Just like this one. ;)


  1. ah...awesome...i usually do this... i have enogh money in pocket and i like something in the market but i say to myself i will buy it next time :P

  2. hell true gal=)
    and so that you know, i love your writing =)

  3. @M.Israr: Exactly this is what happens and what we do. Ignore our wishes.

    @Mahnoor: I was just going through your post. Thanks A LOT. That mean dollars to me! :))

  4. Aren't you fasting?!?

    You just made me so hungry!

    I thought you were going to tell us how happy you were that you didn't eat a cake or something because it turned out that it was poisoned :o

    Interesting enough, though. As usual.

    Does this mean that I should buy an Ipad now? :p

  5. Haha xD

    -I just LOVE twix.
    -I am sure he MUST love you. He MUST. You are such a Lovable person =D
    -SING. No one would 'dare' to make fun of you! =D

    I LOVED reading this post. It was so relate-able. There are so so many things I want to do, say or buy but I don't.

    Perceptive post. KUDOS=D

  6. @Ovais: Hahah. I wasn't fasting when i wrote this, obviously you were fasting you read this though. :p
    And YES buy the iPad that you want to. If that makes you happy!

    @Hamza: Thankyou so much! :D ILOVETWIXPAGALONKITARHA.! And no there is no 'he' i was talking about. But i am sure, SHE MUST LOVE YOU. :P

  7. Everyone has this tendency, to wait for, to postpone doing thing things, thinking that time is not right or we can do it some other time. And most often than not, time flies, opportunity is gone and our desires are left cold. Thankfully, I have less of this..I I do tend to do things..which make me seeing new places or just buying my new DSLR :D

    Loved this post.


  8. :D All this from a cake? Wow.
    True that, procrastination messes up our lives more than we'd care to admit or realise.

    And the raspberry pie. Sigh.
    Masoom has branches in India? No? Yeah?

    AND you have prodded my craving into life, as well.
    Somebody get me a TWIX!!!


  9. Number, if i write like this, than OMG i am an awesome writer.
    number 2: TWIX, do send me a piece of the cake, i just love twix, the wafer and the caramel bite is like the most luscious bite a mouth can ever have.
    number 3, OMG, this happens with me a lot, just for the sake of saving money or because i don't have time i have to give up my desires.
    thumbs up for this post.

  10. Did I love this post or what?

    Lemme answer myself:


    You're so good at this. I D.E.V.O.U.R.E.D these words!

    I wish I knew how to bake a cake! The I could do one for you!=D

    But I can make brownies!=D


    *bakes brownies*

    *hands to Kryptonite, right hot from the oven*


  11. Kitni nadeedi ho na tum ? :P

    Well its true we always have so many things in our mind that we dont really know basically that every thing has its own way of satisfying us or is necessary in its own way.

    To do everything on time what we plan to do will really make us determined towards everything.

  12. So here is me telling you that Koko, no matter how much outta touch I stay, your worth still be the same to me.. and that it may rise but can for sure never fall by a single degree. I love you man.
    And hey awesome blogging.
    Deeds. <3

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. No 'HE'? aww =C

    There no SHE either =C

    *Massive Highfives*

  15. next time i will try to buy whatever i can :) no waiting for the next time :)

  16. @Kunal: Exactly that what i meant. Delaying the things rather than doing them on the right time. Thanks a lot for reading! :)

    @Priyanka: Haha. Feels good that i invoked the craving to live the life as you want, in you. :D And i don't think Masoom's have branches in India, but THEY SHOULD HAVE. >.<

    @Ateeq: Well your writing is hilarious ask me! :D and i got to eat the cake but too bad, couldn't think of sharing it with anyone so better luck next time. :p

    @Ezazi: AND I LOVED YOUR TEA WALI POST!! XDXD Thanks for the imaginary brownies! ;)

    @Imad: I was just talking about the wishes that are too small to not be fulfilled right away.We don't need planning to eat a freakin' cake now!! :p

    @Deeds: And that goes for you too. :) Thanks for dropping by.

    @Hamza: NO SHE TOO?! :/ *Massive Highfives back*

  17. THUMBS UP :)
    Send me a bar or two of twix :P
    And Anyone can sing .. cmon :P
    It happens to everyone even though we have money we dont buy what we want either we are too lethargic or just for tha sake of saving money ..
    Great Post :)


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