Monday, 19 September 2011

My Last Message: As a Teenager.

Did you regret when you realized you can no longer climb onto your dad’s lap just cause you are all adult now? Did you regret when you realized that it’s time you were expected to wash your dad’s car cause now you are 18 and it’s time you should take up to your responsibilities? Did you regret when you started getting taunts like ‘So, we’re soon going to hear the wedding bells, haawn? ;)’ from aunties just cause you are now 5’6 and all grown up? Did you regret when throwing water on the table during dinner became a sin and not a mistake cause you were adult? Did you indeed regret when you actually realized that it’s your last day of teenage and all the past days you didn’t care to worth each day just cause time is such a big double-cross?

I love where I am today. But a part of me just don’t want to let go of calling my self a teenager. There wasn’t anything special about it indeed but now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t know if I ever want to leave my teenage ever. I just want to die and end it but not hit the big 20. I mean what the hell? Why can’t we realize the worth of something until we lose it? Like worth of a friend you lost but not when you had him? Like worth of a chocolate you ate but not when you were tearing the wrapper off? Like a rollercoaster ride which ends up in just matter of those awesome-st 3 minutes? :/ I want to live one more teenage year to do all those things I could do and amaze the world like Hannah Montana did at 16? I always used to envy her cause I was 17 and she was popular and I didn’t have one facebook ka fan page. Not even now I have it. But still. :p

To save you from wondering what bull I am talking about it, it’s my birthday in a while and I am just enjoying some last minutes of teenage doing the most memorable thing I can so that I can read it when I am 20 and wipe the flood of tears that rule my pupils. You won’t stop reading it right?

I had enough of fun in my life passed but I still wanted to change some of the parts. Like when my bus mates asked me to secretly hangout at some ‘Halwa Purri shop’ in the morning and skip college but I didn’t cause my lectures were important to me. -_-
Like not letting them skip me the academy I went to only for 1 week cause I finally found something I was looking for? Like not letting myself frustrate when I got 2nd in my college finals but instead I should have been celebrating? Like started blogging before and not in July just cause I thought I would make a fool of myself and sound lame to other bloggers? Like not feeling inferior in English class when I still couldn’t speak in English even though I was 16 already? Like hitting Miss Nilofer and bulling her on her face when she embaarassed me in front of the whole class by saying ‘You know what Komal? You can never be good in and AT English. Mark my words. YOU ARE A FAILURE!’

I am not boring you right? There is so much I want to talk about tonight. Right now, with you all. Seriously. I don’t want you to comment or anything but just read it okay?

Yes, I wish I could change somethings back then and not waste my time pursuing high grades but instead enjoying my life a little bit MORE. How the hell I reached on the verge of 19 and still haven’t done anything that may imprint my name in the world even if I die tomorrow cause of some hot seductive dengue mosquitoes who can’t get enough of my blood cause as Edward Cullen says ‘Your blood is like a druuug to me’ to that stupid-stupid-stupid Kristen Stewart. (I think Dakota Fanning or even Emma Watson would’ve been a good choice for Isabella Swan cause Bella isn’t a bad character but Stewart made her look LAME)

I just got done with cleaning the whole kitchen cause Mama isn’t home and she would be mad if she comes and sees the kitchen still unclean cause the Rubeena bitch just ditched us in the morning, and hence I am, as the 20 years old already to my parents, is expected to take up the charge. I mean, doesn’t it suck being 20? It DOES.

I expected a lot of surprises this birthday even though I knew no one was gonna give me that. I hate seeing my other friends in Karachi getting surprises from all of their friends from night to noon and I still persuade everyone to surprise me cause I just LOVE surprises! I know it’s lame of me, or it sounds lame (just cause I am 20 now, right?) to insist everyone around to surprise me cause they don’t, all by themselves. :P I had some f the crazy birthdays back then, and indeed my friends had surprised me so many times with videos, slideshows, long notes, parcels across city, cards, pictures, and some silly dares on my birthday presents, I would be a total bitch if I would not be thankful to them for that, but the surprise I loved the MOST was from my parents on night when I turned 18 and they came up with a Remington ka straightner that I loved a few weeks back but since it was too expensive so I didn’t buy it. (Just like typical filmy scnes when girl likes the ring and can’t afford it and the next day, guy comes up with the same ring:p) But tonight, since the environment of home isn’t much like it is always (You know, post days of some parents-vs-children fight), I don’t expect it to be one of those awesome-st birthdays. Many of my friends including my best friend innocently asked me on my Facebook wall if it’d be okay if he doesn’t surprise me this time and I was like ‘It’s alright man’. A friend last night asked the same and I said it’d be okay cause you know what? It’d be okay. Not every birthday has to be a blassst. So what I wanted this one to be the most special one cause I am turning 20 on 20th of September? I mean the 20-20 coincidence. I sound like a girl being turned down by a rhistay wala guy, no? :P 
I will always miss you teen age but at some part of my life, I know, I will learn to move on.

Okay. I am gonna stop talking cause I think, most of you would already have skipped half of the shit I said cause it’s just too long a note man, and everybody hates to read LONG-POSTS! I do too, but not always.

Ab wish karna hai tou achi tarha se wish karna, acha?! (If you feel like wishing me, wish me properly. And a bit differently, not the ‘I wish you get all dreams fulfilled, may you live long’ type crap. >.<

P.s: I love Twitter now cause I get to tweet with Aceytlcholine, Ifra Khaliq, Mahnoor Babar and Hamza bin Ladin/Hamid urf @Baqwaas all the time, I mean I you guys are just awesome.
P.P.S: I am starting Glee now. Chuck and Full Metal next on the list.
P.P.P.S: Happy Birthday to Memona ka chota bhai and Ather Javed. Ather, look at us. We made it to 3years of sibling-ship. Who expected a sarial like me would befriend you? :D God bless you.


  1. Turned 20 this May. Can understand your situation :)

    Just hope for the best. Your life is about to change and I think it's gonna get just better

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. Haye. I'm manshuned. I told you an emotional moment like this was not good for me heart. Sniff sniff.

    Haffy Buttday. Go crack some butt-bone.
    :S Okay, seriously. I don't know where that came from.

    And who is this Miss Neelofur? Let's go plant a baamb outside her place.

  3. This female called Miss Nilofer needs a spell check...FALIURE???

    You go girl!20 or any other age is just awesome.It only depends on how your spend each day of it.

  4. I DID read the whole post-_- You can quiz me on it if you want. I NEVER skip.
    And I have only one thing to say.

    DON'T GROW UP for 21 is worse than 20 :'(

    But since 20th is already here, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE:) Have a wonderful b'day and may the Lord bless you with everything you ever wanted. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and golguppas <3

    And if you think your posts are long look at mine, they are almost novels-_-

    And please tell Ni-loafer to FO. Period.

    P.S: Ok that wasn't ONE thing. But, you know me, jabberjabberjabber:P
    Have an awesome one and ignore me:D

  5. P.P.S: I don't mean to be creepy but do you have a mail ID you can share? Or a Facebook? It's o.k even if you don't want to:)

  6. happy birthday honey. the least i can do is this:

    its for you.

    love ya darling. and btw, this post too, like the ones preceding it, was awesome:D

  7. hmmm, getting 20 soon too!!

    and for sure, there would also be lots of regret when i reach that stage. don't like it either. hahaa.

    kochaw! lets make the most out of what we have..

  8. Sorry I forgot :(

    check this out

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay Blessed ^_^

    no no i think i know her :P

  10. Damn, you make me feel so old. You're worried about turning 20? Damn, imagine my reaction when I turned 25 last month :(. I'm still asked for age proof when I enter bars, so that's a consolation :)

    Let people talk what they want lady, you do what ever you feel like. And I would read your posts even if they were kilometers long without skipping a word :)

    Have a good birthday :)

  11. belated happy birthday wishes... one cannot help growing... unless one wants to have the curious case of benjamin button :) yes surprises are the most beautiful things in life... i mean positive surprises and gifts.. :) i wish your friends surprise you with lot of gifts :)

  12. geez, my 20th birthday was DISGUSTING too, but u know what, after like a month, i am fine. u get used to the fact that u have grown OLD.:S

    have a greaaaattt day. and enjoy the 20-20 coincidence =)

    and yeah, isnt tweeting like FUN fun? not as vulgar as it sounded a while back:P

  13. That Miss needs to be kicked hard ;D - I can't speak English and I'm not planning on learning it for a while because I'm AWESOME.

    Happy Birthday - My Birthday was on 9/11 :P
    Coincidence? Naaah ;)

  14. Just one thing.


    Thankyou, that's all.

    BTW is that enough 'A's?

  15. 1 happy birthday.
    2 kristen stewart did justice to the charachter stephanie meyer had written about.
    3 regret nothing. nothing. ever.
    4 i wish you die as the teenager as you are. about a hundred and eighteen years hence.
    5 and about epic birthdays, dont get me started.

  16. Happy Birthday! =D I know how you feel. I realized a few days ago that I'll be turning 18 in a few months =O And I'm still stuck at 12 =P Enjoy life! Never regret what you couldn't do.

  17. wow. this post was so heavy with emotion.
    miss nilofer is an idiot. you're SUCH a great writer! ♥
    i love surprises too.
    happy happy birthday to you ♥ i hope you have an amazing day and a wonderful year ahead. you ma'am, are awesome.

  18. And I couldnt Forget the Display you put after some days of your BIRTHDAY :P uffff.. :P

    STILL you got a great surprize from I dont know whom :p You didnt mentioned that ? :P

    May you celebrate thousand more birthdays.

    Another candle on your cake
    Well there's no need to pout
    Be glad that you have strength enough
    To blow them all out!

    I am so so sorry for not been able to comment here. I have exams going on so I am pretty off the blogging scene.

    PS:_ YOU are the AWESOMEST. I enjoy tweeting just because of you guys ! <3


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