Monday, 5 September 2011

Money is a bitchy drug.

I lost money. And i am in misery.
I know the kaam wali (maid servant) has stolen it. I went right at 7'o clock in the morning downstairs to have breakfast while she cleaned my room and put my bag on the side table.

Can you even imagine the misery i must be going through? When you lose the EIDI you get and when this is the only reason why you wait for EID-ul-Fitr? I feel like pulling off my hair and banging my head in some wall.

And now when I look at her when i know she's the culprit, and I am so damn sure about it, my mom come and says "She's swearing upon God she didn't steal it.."

WILL SHE ACCEPT? Who will say, "Yes I made a fake account on some XXX and put up her/his naked pictures?" NO ONE. So why will she accept? I don't know what to do. I want to deal harsh with her but look at my situation. The sentence by Mom doesn't complete here. She says: "She's swearing upon God she didn't steal it.. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAREFUL."

It feels like a broken dream. Like a child given hot chocolate brownie just to smell it. Like trying on Charles & Keith but not having enough money to buy them. Like losing credit in the middle of the text-conversation. Like getting delivered a stale KFC burger. It's like reading Sidney Sheldon and losing book before knowing it's end. It's all so awful.

Well I still have some left but still, the grief of losing something is more than felicity of having something. Agree?

Anyways, how was your Eid? Tell me. Or whatever is going on. I need to take my mind of that money. Listen to Pitterpat - ErinMcCarley. I just came across it and fell in love with it.

P.s: I am away for some while so won't be commenting on your posts much. But i am reading them always. Always! 


  1. Hmmm allah knows the best... :)
    People who say money is not everything indeed they have everything that's why say like this... :/
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  2. Awww, I'm so sorry about that. But if God takes it away from one hand, he'll give you on the other. Lets believe in that and hope for the best.
    I hate, absolutely hate losing money too:|

  3. That doesn't neccessarily mean she stole it. Do you have proof?
    But it sucks losing money ;/

  4. hahaha i can understand your feelings :)
    em 24 but still i used to wait for Eid ul Fitar :)

  5. Taubah.
    This is why I clean my own room.

  6. loss. lets talk about loss.

    my sony ercisson cybershot got stolen from my bedside when i was sleeping.
    my motorazr found itself swimming with my prankster brother.
    and my blackberry broke its head when i was fighting with my brother.

    thats about phones.

    now for my apple i-pod which i had had for four years and which had all the songs i loved my mother lovingly washed in the machine.

    now for money. well, haven't lost money as such yet. plan to in the share market soon though. we will talk after that! :P

  7. Dekhaaaa ! You didnt give me the Eidi na tou phr yeh tou hona tha bachuuu :P

  8. @Asma: You're right. God plans are unpredictable. And indeed those people have everything in life who say, money can't buy happiness.


    @Mahnoor: I knowww. I was too. :/

    @Cricketfreak: Well given the fact that she stayed in my room for cleaning, and that i checked my money before leaving the room, i think i am right at accusing her.

    @Shama: Me too. Even after all these years, still i wait for this Eid all for EIDI. :p

    @Ovais: I just can't clean my room myself unless badly required. Just, can't. Fullstop. :P

    @Raj: IPOD washed off!! HELL. You had pretty crazy adventures Raj! I swear i lost my MP3 player during shopping some months back and it was like a second death to me, but later i found it in one of my bags, Thank goodness. I wonder how you aren't dead already. Perhaps lack of materialistic love?

    @Imad: Tumne maangi kab thi, bachuu. :P

  9. =( I'm sorry. This happened to me once.

  10. OMG. i hate maaasis for doing this. they are always the culprits, and u KNOW that.

    i miss army waalay batmans =( trust me.

  11. i never had any adventures. all my materials did!

    and i am rich and spoilt. so as soon as i lose something i buy it all over again. :P

    relax. its just money. you will earn it within a couple of years and not to know how to spend it till you get marrried and have lots of cute little babies that pee and poop on you which wont seem that cute when they do the same ps.

  12. :D...hang that kaam wali on your room's fan the next time she comes to clean your room and email me when u r doing so,,
    i will love to torture her, i know many was which are really simple yet too painful for humans to bear

  13. Ah man that sucks (AND YOU HAVE A MAID? ARE YOU RICH OR SOMETHING lmao nobody has maids around here and i live in one of the richest country in the world) I hate losing money seriously and it must suck especially the one who might have taken it is deniying it.

    My eid was fine :) but i didn't get any money *cries*

  14. Kaam wali ko pakkar kar chandein maro.

  15. On a serious note, unlike all others I really feel bad for your maasi instead, you know why? Because people like us could easily earn the money all over again sooner or maybe later but imagine her life? Spend a single moment being at her place and I'm sure you'll find a human with a lot of dreams and rarely any hope to achieve those dreams by either right or wrong means. She has no future. So even if she did that just forgive her and trust me you'll be rewarded for that in hereafter and don't worry about money they keep coming ;), all you need to do is explore your passion and it keeps paying you off.

    Remember I'm not supporting the act she did but just pointing out the other way.

    Plus I'll still say money isn't everything, I've spent life both ways, with and without them and I don't find much of a difference, the only thing money does is improve your lifestyle and the more you earn the more you spend which eventually leaves you needing more money :).


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