Sunday, 2 October 2011

Please look me in the eye and say "You don't care".

Have you ever gone through a seminar, lecture or sermon where the one who's raping the stage is one not speaking words of wisdom but concentrating more upon the 'kind' of words departing from his mouth? Let me give you an example.

You are sitting in a class of Maths and you are being taught Ratio and Proportion.
Normal teacher is supposed to say: So, ratio means quantity of one thing with respect to another. 
My teacher would say: So, the esteemed chapter of ratio which plays more than a hypothetically helpful role in history of Mathematics explains how two shells of different volume can float on water and how you, and I can compare our ages with each other. 

Now tell me, is that MY fault if I bang my head up on my table cause I just couldn't take it and slept instinctively? I sleep for two hours and still score the highest cause I am capable of self-studying, but what about those who just come and attend the class cause they don't get the Latin of the book? There are so many students in every institution who can't speak in English let alone understand it and then you use this flowery English in Ratio and Proportion and expect us not to flunk in it? The thing is, we've gone into the pith of inferiority complex. We want to live a life where we speak in impeccable English, where we wear Dolces and Gabana and where we can flaunt about how many English novels from English writers have we read.

People feel elevated if they tell, they read Dan Brown or J.K Rowling. But if somebody tells I read Umaira Ahmed, they just back off. I've been there, that's why I know.

Now I have this teacher who's more concerned about her English than the 'Instrumentation and Measurements" she's teaching us. So most of the times, my lectures are full of incomplete sentences like:

-Signal has noises otherwise..
-Humidity disturbs the rotating signal of?
-Magnetic arrangements..
-Something about teeth.

God help me.

I am sick of sitting in the class just for bloody attendance. I am sick of people who are just there to flaunt about things so useless. I am sick of hypocrisy and I am sick of seeing my country people being a victims of inferiority complex. I am sick of people who listen to English Music just cause it's classy and not our own Coke Studio. I am sick of gazes of people with high necks when they see a girl coming from FSC and not A/O levels. I want you all to look me in the eye and howl YOU DON'T CARE!!

Teachers are supposed to be concerned with the understanding of the knowledge they are sharing with their students and not about their clothes or complexion or stammering or ENGLISH. I want to understand what's the different between that goddamn thermocouple and thermistor.

And oh, I guess I gotta share these two out of the world tracks with you that I am crazy about nowadays. Both are form Vampire Diaries if any of you watches it. It's AWESOME if compared with Twilight.

And another intense addiction which I can't get enough of nowadays.

P.s: My MRI results said that I can never sleep with a pillow for the rest of my life cause there's thign weak area in my neck by birth.
P.P.S: I still haven't got dengue, shuker Allah ka.
P.P.P.S: My birthday was a BLAST. Awesome wala BLAST.


  1. Then how will you sleep? :o
    And happy birthday!!!

    So this post is more about how people are annoying because they want to be English. :P

  2. People love showing off, that's inherent.
    But it becomes bad when teachers, ones who are supposed to impart knowledge, do it.
    Their primary job is to make sure the students understand the subject and if this is how they are teaching, then wow. The whole point of them being paid for work is useless.

    I don't watch Vampire Diaries, how bad is that on a scale of 1 to 10? Hold the abuse, I don't get TV time in the hostel.

    And MRI results, again, how bad is that? It's just the pillow thing or are there any other effects?

    Describe birthday. I love reading how awesome people's birthdays were:)

  3. May Allah bless you, I also have neck pain indeed muscular pain... :)
    And happy birthday... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  4. *sigh*, show offs. They are all around the globe. And how does every one of them end up in an engineering college? Even my high school physical training teacher knows better English than these guys. "I has xeroxed the notes, give it to CR and then he give it to you". hopeless :-/

  5. Firstly - Happy Birthday to you.

    Now - I agree with, attending classes just for the sake of attendance is just absurd. I hate it. Teachers don't really look on teaching the students, giving the concept, they are more like "aap idhar se ley kar idhar tak yaad kar lain - Samajh main aye ya na aye"

    and lol at the "Dan Brown and J.K Rowling" - I've only read books by Dan Brown. And I don't think anyone from my friends ever read books other than the school ones, so I pretty much never get a chance to even discuss over something or anything.

    I'm sick of this English thing. If you can speak English, every other kid in the class with follow you like you're the God of that place.
    I've seen it, when someone came from America in our Class, every other kid started to treat him like he is the only person who knows everything.
    I hate it so much.

    May be it shows how people have taken the concept of speaking English.
    I, sometimes, speak of this with my bro and he will say "Well you can do nothing" and I will ask "Why" and he will say "Because the whole system is like this"


  6. It is upsetting that some people CANNOT learn to teach depending on the target audience.

    Leaving that aside, MRI?! :\ Details. :\

    Happy birthday :) Hope it was good :)

  7. Atleat your teacher is teaching you though it is drawing tangent line across your brain. Mine used to come into the class 5 minutes late and then scold the students for reasons unknown, break a chalk and then walk out. Simple!
    Hmm. i second you in your point about teachers knowing what they talking about before teaching it. Showing oiff is not something which should be practiced before your own students.

  8. I read Rowling and Brown and Umera Ahmed. They all are equally egendary. To hell with the cretins who don't know that.

    Happy Birthday again! How old are you now? ;)

    TVD tou love ha yaaar.


  9. Wow, I'm so glad I don't have any teacher like that.

    I haven't even heard of Umera Ahmad ^^" I squealed when I saw the TVD links =D I still haven't gotten around to watching Season 2 -__-' Itni sust hoon mein -__-'

    Without a pillow? =O How will you sleep? =O

  10. so true. i mean our parents want us to go to such schools, for we can have a better living, and not the life of inferiority complex. like seriously, i have seen ppl changing, unbelievingly :s one semester they are like what? and next semester they are all so canhnged. and yeah ppl think speaking english AND HAVING A BOYFRIEND IS WHAT MAKE U BLOODY KOOL. sighs, i feel sorry for them!

    and our teachers, the one who have gone to the schools in london and usa, are the real culprits :O

  11. very true... in any other country, the teacher will try to make the students understand in whatever way he/she can...but in here... we try to impose our english on the students even if they do not understand any of it...such a pity...and yes the A/O level thing is right... and students from govt schools/colleges are considered dumb...

    sad to hear you cannot use a pillow :(
    and glad to know you didnt have dengue :) and happy birthday again :)

  12. talk of spoiling maths. its the one subject you can learn without having a natural talent for it. the one thing that will get you an exponent even when everything else is a fraction! :/

  13. Happy belated birthday! Do tell, how was it? :)

  14. by the way talking about maths, you just got a plus. cong. happy friggin bday. may u live to write a million posts.

  15. ah! i loved this post! dude seriously! people have forgotten their sense of everything, actually they've lost it!

    and speaking of umaira ahmed, have u read peer-e-kamil? its awesome times infinity.

    and sorry kiddo ive been away for a while.. i mean from the blog world.. ill catch upto ur old posts soon, insha'Allah.

  16. @Ovais: Thaaanks! :D No, its about how people sound idiotic when they try to be all English with Mortein Blood running inside.

    @PeeVee: EXACTLY MY POINT! Their purpose of teaching is lost once we stop getting them.
    Besides pillow, nothing that significant. Just to walk straight, which in a way is good, no? :P
    And Vampire Diaries is GOOD considering 1st and 3rd season. 2nd is a bit hard to watch at beginning but gets interesting at the end.

    @Asma: Seriously? It sucks and now I have someone who can actually understand how miserable it is to have muscular pains.

    @The Guy In The Mirror: HAAHAHAHAH. I has xeroxed the notes, give it to CR and then he give it to you
    Awesome description. :P
    Here it's like "This society is here so that you familiar with me and I familiar with you" -_-
    Horrible. :P

  17. @Arain: You are so right about that "Aap yahan se ley ker idher tak yaad ker lein". I mean they solve us the easiest of examples first and leave the bulk of difficult ones on us. And seriously? People loathe such teachers who take the easy way out.

    And YES, I have been there. I have seen people following people with English tongue more madly than even thier own instincts. But then look at Pakistan? As a whole country, aren't we doing the same? Cleaning tubs for Americans? No offense, but we have to learn something from China or Japan.

    And Daniyal, your brother is right. We're in limbo.

    @Srindhi: Its nothing serious now. Just the pillow thing but i will grab sometime to write about my hospital-trips. and Thankyou so much for wishing! :D

    @Red: HAHAAHAH. Seriously? Ours come 40 mins late and claim to take our breaks too. AND SHE DOES TAKE IT. -_-
    I wish I could tell them that they look amazing as long as I am getting whatever the hell they are teaching me on multi-effing-media.

    @Ezazi: HAINA?! :D TVD tou love hai. :D
    And I just hit 20. :P
    And yes, I am sleeping without pillows nowadays. :/

    @Areesha: Darn lucky you are! Season 2 is good in the second half. Start watching it now cause season 3 tou AWESOME hai. <3
    And I am sleeping without pillows now. :/


    This is WHAT I listen to. Most of the time. -_-

    @Muhammad Israr: Exactly. They treat FSC students as some down market sort of commodity, what they don't realize is that it's creating an uneven sort of hatred between two educationally different classed people.

    @Raj: Hahahah. That was JUST an example! Being an engineer, I am always dealing with Physics for everything. And physics, my friend, isn't come with talent. It comes with having a teacher capable enough to instill the right idea in your head. :P
    And Thankyou so much for coming back again yo wish me. :D
    I hope I write a GoodBye Post before dying. 0_0

    @Cricketfreak: Thankyou so much. :D
    I will tell how it was all in some of my next posts. :P

    @Acetlycholine: Its about my neck. My left hand had been in consistently nervous condition. Halts me to write.

    @Butterfly effect: FINALLY! You are here! -_-
    No I have not read Peer-e-Kamil but i have watched two dramas written by her and watching one called Maat on HumTV. It's superb! :D

  19. And I never Paid Attention in My Classes :P - But seriously no one did. Everyone of them had a separate Tutor at home to teach them or they would join a n academy. (lol).

    The funny thing is that when I tried to get separate teacher, I still won't get the concepts - 'cos you know they all teach like the same. They say "If you want to get "THE MARKS" "beta kitaab rata laga lo, ache raho ge" lol Never followed that.

  20. a goodbye post? u mean nostalgia and stuff? i think i will kill you before that. of course i wouldn't kill you if you write a post like, how i got drunk one last time :D

    oye. do u use gtalk? u sound, u write and u talk like fun. lets fun around :D

  21. komaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll plz email me ur number @

  22. At least the teacher does something, mine usually just utilized the time to gossip.

  23. this post reminded me of my teachers... who gave more lectures on value education than teach us maths and history! ;)

    Oh, and you watch Vampire Diaries?? I LOVE it! And I love its music too! "Echo" is such a beautiful song!

  24. Oh my God. I hope you're well now.


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