Sunday, 11 September 2011

We Had A Journey, That's All That Matters.

Disclaimer: Its actually a missive to my best friend. Read it if you want to, cause it just contains contents of our journey.

I still remember how you and I became best friends. It was a long journey, a year perhaps which with its ups and downs, made the destination even more worth achieving.

College, 2007. Every girl knew you in college, even my dearest ones too cause you had studied with them in school. They used to talk about you, brag about you, backbite you, tell me so many things about you that I had one image of you in my mind i.e. she’s a Bitch.

Exactly. That’s what I had. And then this guy happened, who at first was madly after you, and then happened to be after me, saying all these things nasty about you so that I could throw a yes to him and surrender to what an idiot he was not. But he was an idiot and thank goodness I rattled him off but the things he told me about you, I still believed. Telling me what a crook, wretched, and mind blowing double cross you were. I still believe and I kept on believing that until I met you in real at Anna’s.

Before that, when I saw you first was when we parked around your college to pick up some students and Witch came out jumping off our bus, shouting your name and there you appeared. Tiny, sleek, bony yet wonderful. I never had a slightest thought that this girl, who’s NOW on her way with flying colors to medical profession, she’s gonna be the friend I will get massively fond of.

And yet after two years I met you at Anna’s for the first time. It was amusing indeed, since we both had issues with each other though we hardly knew who were to have issues in the first place anyways. You were being all this taunting and sarcastic and so was I and that too for the mere reason that we had common guy after us and you had notions that he came after you first. HAHAH. GIRLS.

So, after that, the Facebook add which you did and then the mobile number trade, which I did, we paved a way to an everlasting friendship that we believe we’ll have till the last day of ours on this planet. When I finally went to Lahore, your one unexpected call changed almost everything I’d say. We started talking and talking frantically. Clearing those old decayed issues, the misconceptions, the guy who was a desperate, and what common ways he tried to have us, and about friends and everything.

Ramadan 2009. It was indeed the best month I had in my life for it contained you in high proportion. All long night chats and our unwillingness to stop talking contributed to what we are today. Does this happen that people become best of friends living poles apart and just have met for once in real? I hardly think so. But it was like in our stars to meet. I never thought I would actually find someone with whom I could be myself. And tell you what? It’s a huge blessing to find such wonderful person in your life with whom you can be just.. YOU. I could talk and I could talk about anything I want, and hence I trusted you enough to open my life in front of you, cause before that, I met a lot many friends, indeed they were best ones too, but I never found one I could actually share my life with.

And then you happened, and I am thankful to my God that we still are best friends. Though medical is a hard profession but so IS engineering, mind you, I am sure we’ll find a way, sometime this or the other, to make a deal with it. Even though at times, it feels like I have nothing to talk about with you, or that I have other people in my life with whom I can talk to, still you will be the first one to know anything that would happen in my life now and forever.

It’s you who can open up my diary anytime to read whatever the hell you want to from that, cause you know everything that’s written on almost every page of it. Read my in box, evaluate my secrets, I don’t care, because I know, you are my best friend. And best friends are supposed to be the best at knowing you too.

So here I am, wishing you in all words I can.

Happy Birthday, Deeds. You mean a world to me, now and forever. I wish your life be a landscape with all the beautiful things and all the beautiful people you wish for. I wish you a life where all there is to life is, you and your desires. I wish I could tell you what you mean to me. I wish all those people who care for you, come and tell you, for you are a precious thing who ornate their lives in best possible way. I wish you a long life, life free of worries, and full of cakes. I wish I could tell you that I am always here for you, even if you don’t want me to be there. I wish you, a faroooty better than this one. Perhaps, the best one, who deserves you. I know I have been a bitch for a past couple of days but then I had reasons to be so. Hope you understand, like every time. Don’t I sound much emo now? I guess.

It just kinda suited so here it is.

Call me whenever you feel like cause I am always here for you.
And you still are a bitch to me. :)

The other Bitch.


  1. hahahhahahah, '
    sorry but i had to skip the post,
    not cos i didn't like it,
    but i am in love with this song....]
    i just raped the replay button. :P

  2. Reading this, a whole round of flashbacks ran through my brains as my eyes did the saccades..
    I feel loved and greatly proud of having you in my life.
    Thanks a lot for making small things, special for me everytime, dearest koko. You mean so much to me I wish I could ever put it into words.. Just stay the same always.
    Doesn't matter if we stay in touch all the time or not, we just know we occupy a freakishly important place in each other's life which is out-of-bound for anybody else. lol.
    Thanks for all the lovely wishes.. farooooty one got to be the best of all. haha.
    I am missing you like an idiot right now. Dayem. You only sounded emo, I tou look double emo-ed here.
    H.OG.DC bitch, I shall always love you more for all that you are!!

  3. It's when you see posts like this your faith in humanity and it's ability to love more than it can hate is restored:)
    God bless you guys. Hamesha aise hi rehna <3

  4. You guys are so adorable. Be like this forever :)

  5. "Call me whenever you feel like cause I am always here for you."

    I said these words to my bff minutes ago. He left for America today. =D


  6. Thr are people who you dont trust because they r bitched about a lot and have a bad image and when u know them forreal, they are saints. then thr are some people who are saints until you find the real them.The latter happened with me.She wasnt my bestfriend though.

    I loved this post because it made me nostalgic. I have 4 best friends who have been with me for around 19 yrs now.

  7. This was really sweet =) Now I feel like calling my best friend.

  8. i have so many friends i first thought are bitches lol.
    friends are the best, and so are u two =)

    ps i actually was planning to write something similar for my best friend too, her birthday is like a week ahead.

  9. wow...awesome post... you people are really getting along well... its so strange that when you feel so bad about someone and then he/she becomes your best best friend... :)

  10. 3 days later, i felt bad that i for that stupid song skipped your post,
    came back read from top to bottom and a joke clicked me
    a friend is the person who bails u out from the jail
    but a best friend is a person who sits next to you in the cell and says:
    "wasn't that fun". :P

  11. This post reminds me of that song "I'll be there for you"
    Nice one.

  12. @Ateeq: You actually sound like as if you fell in love with the song. :D I know it's a cool song. AND YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT THAT BEST FRIEND FACT. XD
    @Priyanka: Yeah, you are right. Faith, is restored, indeed. :)
    @cricketfreak: Aww, thankyou! :))
    @the butterfly effect: <3 <3
    @Hamza: Then no one can understand this post better than you. :)
    @Red Handed: I swear i treasure your words. That exactly how it is. Some people who i considered saints, turned out to be horrible ones.
    @Aman and Areesha: Thankyou so much, ladies. xD
    @Mahnoor: DO THAT. I am sure she will love it. :)
    @Muhammad Israr: Yeah, that keeps us have faith in life.
    @Uruj: From FRIENDS? I love it. :D
    @Rishika: Thanks for dropping by. :))

  13. Simply amazing. :) Sometimes you don't know how to describe the love you feel for your closest people.

    :) Love it. :)


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