Sunday, 23 December 2012

That Golden Rose

I wonder what life had been like if there was nothing as such as called love. People would live, no one would care. People would win, no on would care. People would lose, no one would care. People would die.. and no one would care. Would not it have been a blessing? Or no, it would have been a curse?

I have no idea why I am talking about all this right now, but I hate to see people crying when someone leaves. Because I cannot stop crying too. If we hadn't loved them, we would not have to feel the agony of losing them as well. Its like the more you love, the more space you are offering to pain to house in you. My two dear friends lost their most beloved ones in the hands of this merciless life and I am speechless, because I cannot do anything. I cannot bring them back and I cannot tell them to not cry cause they have to. Cause I am crying too. I see them remembering the last of the moments they talked to their loved ones. What they were wearing. What they used to do, what they used to smile at, what this and what that.

It just took a moment for them to turn from 'is' to 'was'. From 'now' to 'then'. From 'they will' to 'never ever'.

What a bitter-sweet emotion, love is. What a unpredictable story, life is. 


  1. So true.... :(
    I guess the world without love would have been the curse.. It's the most powerful emotion..

  2. Unpredictable indeed..but,at the risk of sounding cruelly morbid and sick,a perfect world would be boring too...wouldn't it??

  3. cry. weep. so your own soul may rest in peace. loss isnt something one should hide. is something that takes getting used to.

    and about love and all, thank god its there for had it not been everything would have been so pointless.

  4. I'm so sorry you and your friends are going through this. My prayers are with you.

    I have missed you and your blog!

  5. KN,

    I feel so sad at the loss suffered by two of your best friends. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to them. We have to bow infront of God and accept what is willed. Hope and pray that they gather strength to bear this loss.

    Take care

  6. KN,

    i can totally understand what ur going through. It bad worse worst combined.
    Nice blog =)

  7. anybody here? knock knock...come back

  8. Was missing you & your blog, praying for you!


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