Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dude, don't you like, love HORROR MOVIES?

8am. Exactly 4 hours before I have gone to sleep,  my kaam-wali wakes me up just cause she had to clean my room, and then I could not be able to sleep cause it just happened to ditch me right after my kaam-wali left. (In case you wanna know, people know her by name Shabnam. I wish i had a name like such. Sitara, Youm, Aftab.. maybe Chaand?) Damn it sometimes friggin hard to go to sleep again, though my head was pounding and i had a migraine, still I couldn't just happened to dream.

Does anyone of you can dream what they want to dream? Cause I can. I dream enormously, and now I can actually dream what I want to dream of. Most of the time, you know. Just needs exercise. :p

So, since I couldn't sleep, I planned to watch a movie. And that wouldnt be some stupid chick flick, or action, thriller one. It'd be Horror. Cause you know what? They are actually worth calling 'AWESOME' movies. I have been watching horrors deliriously since I was 13. And i am absolutely crazy about them.

Once, in old chalk-board wala times, I used to have a movie shop just near my house and I used to go there a lot with my brother to get DVDs of all the horrors he used to have on the shelf. So, once i asked my movie-wale-uncle:

Me: Uncle, Koi SAI ke horror movie dein. 
Uncle: *hands me The Exorcist
Me: Ye SAI ke horror hai na?
Uncle: Beta, Yeh OSCAR movie hai, beta. (Oscar movie? Yeah. :/)
Uncle: Beta OUT-STAN-DDDING hai. OSCAR hai.
Me: *takes that*

And don't ask me what a horrendously stupid movie it was.
Come on. Would THIS scare you?


So yeah, I was MORE laughing than thrilled or shocked, or perhaps spell bounded. I had such tragedies with other movies too, when i asked people to suggest me HORRORS and they told me about stupid ones like Shutters, The Unborn, Orphan, The Exorcism of the Emily Rose, Insidious or Screams, or even GRUDGE.

And so i came to know that only SAW series were the creepiest movies Hollywood ever, ever produced. And i was grieved for days when i came to know that it ended on SAW 3D, the latest one.
And in the morning, that's what happened, i couldn't find any worth watching Horror so i watched SAW VI, SAW V and SAW IV, including creepy scenes from the previous series. 

                                    I MISS THIS BLOODY FACE!

And i was more than  dejected at the mere thought that i wouldn't be able to enjoy more of it. So it just dawned upon me, why not ask around the globe for the suggestions. Maybe you'd get me some more horrifying stuff than this. So tell me all you, who happened to have this crazy obsession with Horror Movies, and prove me wrong at my concept of whoever-i-ask-suggests-me-a-comedy-than-pure-horror.

P.s: No The Hill Have Eyes, The Ring, 28 Weeks Later or Hostel. I am done laughing. 
P.P.s: Tobin Bell is the second thing that rules my heart after the first thing. And i still have to figure out the first thing.

                       Log mujhey Jigsaw ke naam se jante hein.
           (People know me from my much acclaimed name, JIGSAW)

Meherbani if you happen to suggest something REALLY GOOD. :D


  1. You get migraines too? =(

    This is a conspiracy. Against engineering students.

    And yay, I get the first comment.

    Watch Insidious. And Seconds Apart. And Orphan. And Silent Hill. I haven't seen Silent Hill Two yet..

    Dreams? I can see things in my dreams before they happen. It is so weird, so awesome, and so scary. But, I don't have control over my dreams, no.

    Oh, and I told my.. cousin.. that I love her.
    She said she loves me too. =)

  2. you too get migraines?
    me tooo,
    they r horrible. :(
    and watch chain saw massacre, it aint scary but its good...
    u really have a stone heart :P

  3. Almost all of the people around me complain about this thing, i.e. they find it harder to go to sleep sometimes even during the normal sleep hours at night. On the other hand I don't find it difficult to sleep all over again without any issues even if I've slept for maybe 10 hours or so :D.

    Now that is serious as migraines are chronic in nature so get a checkup ASAP. My cousin sister started having ones and she ended up in hospital, attacks were so severe that she literally used to scream, and there was no stopping except for injections.

    I never managed to enforce a dream. Though on the other hand I did have continuous dreams, i.e. sleeping session, woke up and did something, slept again and dream continued from where I left it.

    Ah! I'm not much of a horror fan so no suggestions.

    lol on Log Mujeh Jigsaw k naam se jante hain hehehehehe :D

    PS: I suggested you some series in your post related to Lost. Check them out. Also have a look at older ones :P I put some comments there.

  4. ^
    Yes, migraines can be serious, but they depend from person to person.

    Not everyone needs injections-medicine works for some people (it did for my younger brother) whereas nothing works for others.

    Get a checkup, but don't get really, really worried after reading about his sister.

    Getting really worried makes you tense.. and could very well give you a migraine.

  5. my mom ended with a brain tumor,
    but thanx to god it was operated....
    and since then she never had migraines.
    i am thinking to get a MIR scan of my brain,
    who knows what's in there
    or if its empty skul :P

  6. x_x I'm sorry, but I hate horror movies. They give me nightmares, the creeps, the heebie-jeebies and the kokker-pokers all together *shudders*

    Yeah, now call me a sissy :@

  7. This suddenly seems like a migraine patient association :P

    I get them too and its horrible :(

    I love horror movies mainly because I always end up finding something funny in it. 'The Exorcist' without a doubt is the most funniest movie I have seen.

  8. well..i hate horror movie of the SAW cannot think of any names for you this time :( you can watch paranormal activity...although i am still unable to understand why they made it :P

  9. 1408 was a horror movie so was the tunnel ! check them put !
    I too dream what i want to :P Hahahaha :)
    Thumbc Up :D

  10. @Ovais: Haha, yeah i get migraines a lot, mostly on my right side of head, but sometimes its left too, so can't be a tumor i believe. AND THIS HAPPENS TO ENGINEERING STUDENTS A LOT, I AGREE WITH THAT!
    I've watched Insidious and Orphan, but i'll try Silent Hill. Lets see if it can blow me off! :P /

    And Man i am happy for you! You at last did it. :D

    @Ateeq: Hahah. There was a reason why i put the name of the blog 'Stone Heart'. :P Okay i will watch Chain Saw, i think i have already watched it though, but will try for sure. :)
    Hahah. And if we all start taking MRI Scan of our brains, i think most would be just hollow shells, or maybe there'll be some inside. Who knows, right? :P

    @Muhammad Usman Chaudhry: Yeah i read all of your comments, thanks for reading those posts. :)
    And i will contact a doctor in case they get serious, now and then migraines should just be taken for granted for a while you know. Keeps off the tensions, like Ovais pointed. :D

    And you have an ability to continue the dream from where you left it? Hahah. It never happened to me ever.

  11. @Priyanka: WE ARE SISTERS DON'T WORRY! I read your last post and i figured out so many common things you have no idea, perhaps. :D So what if you don't like Horrors? Once I'll visit India, i am gonna make you watch one. :P

    @Soumya: Hahaha. Right, i was noticing the same thing. The post was rather about horror movies than migraines. And the Exorcist is the funniest movie EVER. :P

    @Muhammad Israr: Don't worry. Most of the normal people don't like watching Horrors, its an abnormal obsession. And Paranormal Activity tou aaj tak mujhey samaj he nai ayi. Seriously! :p

    @Muhammad Saqlain: Checked! I am gonna download them. And wow, you can dream voluntarily too. :D
    Thumps up!

  12. Hahaha, the only horror movie I watched recently was 'Drag me to hell', I didn't really find it scary :/ but you can see if you like it!
    I have never been to the cinema to watch a horror movie. I really want to go, because only after going that I can find out whether I'm scared of horror movies or not :P

    P.S thank you for reminding me I need to write another post, I swear I can be so lazy sometimes :/ So thanks! :D

  13. You've been awarded.. on my blog. =)

  14. exactly...samajh nahi ati paranormal activity ki..mujhe bh nahi ayi :P and i think Hannibal is a good one :)

  15. i am not really a horror movie freak.but i so agree with you, excorsist was the worst movie of all the time.
    ps. you are amazing =)
    and yeah, i can dream anytime i want. and i am best at day dreaming, lol

  16. lol, just imagine if we doo get hollow shells in MRI scans,

  17. You LIKE horror movies =| Damn, you're like my two best friends. They made me sit and watch The Unborn and Orphan. No nightmares, but I was very creeped out. Have you tried watching Paranormal Activity (stupid question, I know)? I only watched a few scenes and freaked out =|

  18. ahhh... horror movies. i only wish i could see one. but sometimes life is full of too much horror that you can only dream that it were a movie. so i prefer action.

    migraines... they're everywhere. the most common cause is stress. you get over that, u reduce the frequency of the migraines, though not the magnitude.

    ask your mum to recite surah e noor. and blow on some water, drink that for eight days, it might help:)

    by the way, dude i love your blog.

  19. @Purple Mist: I WOULD LOVE TO GO CINEMA TO WATCH A HORROR I SWEAR! :D And yeah I will download Drag Me To Hell. Have heard a lot about that. :p

    @Mahnoor: HAHAHA. EXACTLY. And thanks a lot for giving it a read! :)

    @Shygirl94: I am planning to do that with my best friend too SOON. Just waiting for her to come over. I have watched Paranormal Activity and DID NOT get it at all :D

    @the butterlfy effect: DUDE THANKS A LOT. :D
    I will ask Mom to do that. :) And seriously, ACTION? Mujhse bardasht nai hoti. ;P

  20. well, i switched to comedy for a while, seeing how action- packed life in Karachi can be. but inside i'm an action lover girl through and through:)

  21. Hi 5 girl!! HOW I LOOOOVE SAW!
    No feetless ghosts flying around in thin air or shit like that.
    SAW series was a pure genius!!

    Well if your have anymore suggestion DO GIVE ME! I would love it especially when they are coming from someone who love SAW THE SAME. :D


  23. I wish I could give suggestions, but I'm in need of them myself!
    I TOTALLY LOVE horror movies too; but for some reason, ghosts fail to scare me, headless, bloody, "spooky" or whatever.

    However if you want to see a "jumpy" movie, try Drag Me To Hell. Its more like a comedy, but there are a lot of moments when the sudden high-toned music and flashy camera effects will make you jump. Kinda like Evil Dead. :p

    Oh, and if you do find a good enough horror movie, i'm all ears to it too! :)

    *Now following* the only girl I've seen who loves horror! :D

  24. HAHAHAHA. Well that's amazing that you actually don't get scared of headless creature cause its almost same for me. They are more of a comedic characters for me. :P

    For comedy, Drag Me To Hell it is then. :D
    Thanks for dropping by! And do recommend if you come across any sorta creepy horror anytime soon.

  25. Yes I miss that bloody face too! But the first 3 SAW movies were amazing...the rest weren't scary...Have you seen the Ring two? That's a lot better than the first part. I suggest you should watch Shutter Island.
    Nice one.

  26. you must be renamed.. the girl with horror instincts .. on a lighter note !

    Weakest LINK

  27. I love SAW.

    Yeah, I'm weird like that.


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