Thursday, 11 August 2011

The imissyou Calls.

Why do people start loving you so much, or pretending to, no matter if its your brother or cousin, just so that you can write them an impressive personal statement along with some essay on the fictional character in the middle of the night, say 2?

How such conversations starts up when they have this reason dangling behind their minds right before making the request to you, well let me tell you. Why? Cause i have been the victim of this right-on-the-spot-love-cum-affection for like zillion times already, by friends and family both? :P

Last night, my cousin calls up out of NOWHERE and i know the motive behind. Obviously.

Me: Hey, how come you remember me?
Rimz: Kutti. Why would you think that? I MISS YOU.
(She never calls. NEVER)
Me: HAHAH. Kaam kia hai?
Rimz: How rude! I called you to ask you about you!
(Acha jee. Mera dimagh kharab hai yani key)
Me: Dekho, leave the formalities. And tell me what you want?
Rimz: Shutup! And tell me how's Khala and everyone? :D
Me: ENOUGH. Kaam batao.
Rimz: Write me an essay?

And a week before that, a call from a friend who i had not spoken to for months cause.. well you will find it. :p

Me: Kheriat?
Bia: Hey mann! Long time. Where the hell have you been?
(Now they are putting the blame on you, smart move i say)
Me: Me? Hahah. You had been the one not leaving bathroom whenever i call, lovely.
Bia: Ziada baqwas mat karo. Aur sunao, whats going on in your life?
(Suddenly my life is Lady Gaga's life)
Me: Nothing man. Just bored.
Bia: Chalo acha hai. I need a favor! Write me this personal statement. I applying for a study trip to Germany. And i CANNOT TRUST anyone than you with words. And i miss you man.
(Butter, butter, more butter please?)

Did you see? Did you notice how sometimes love can be so bikao (Sell-able?) Well such sitiuatiosn are at least amusing for me. I like such random calls and such bragging/buttering/suddenly-i-am-the-only-hope-left-in-this-world requests. :P

This happens with almost everyone of us. Its an amusing phenomenon, cause after they are done with their work, they send you a Thank you-text, telling you how much they love you.
And when you reply. There is no reply.
Wow-lacious no?

So. Beware.


  1. So damn true, I just wrote three statements for my juniors, part of their classwork, and they have already poof-ed off to places unfindable!

    Good one:)

  2. Bahahahahaha.

    So. True.

    I try to be polite and wait for them to tell me what they want.

    But.. Hahahaha.

    This happens with me almost every day! People who haven't spoken to me for a year or two do it too!

  3. well i havent been under the spotlight, ever. seriously. but whatever hapened with you must be realy burning up.
    good job with the writing =)

    and hey, another favour, lol, read my stuff (i just started recently), and tell me if i am any good with the WORDS.

    hope to see a good back action.

  4. spot on... i have been victim of this like a million times? :( i wish i had written these words :)

  5. THIS.

    All the bloody time! And the hardest part is how you can't say a simple 'No, I can't do it.' everytime they call you up for such favors.

  6. Hahahaha, it's worse when saying 'no' makes you feel guilty.
    But I think there is a limit to everything, we just need to be there for people who are there for us, not ones who only think of us when they need something :P

  7. @Priyanka: Haha, well this is what happens with everyone. They fly off without leaving a trace behind! :p

    @Ovais: EXACTLY! People calling you from times, even you have forgotten about. :P

    @Mahnoor: Just checked on your blog, needless to say, its awesome. Keep on writing and you'll get better each day. :)

    @M.Israr: I wish i had written these words long before this. :/

    @AcetylCholine: I didn't know, it actually happens with almost all of us.

    @PurpleMist: I know. The worst part is saying NO, and which i can't. So i just help, for old times sake you know. :)

  8. I haaaaaaaaaaaate when people do that. Whenever someone does it to me I always end up saying yes because I feel guilty.

    You should start charging money.

  9. You know what I do?


    Usually, they call the convo short and never ask for the favour.
    I WISH. -_-

  10. Haha xD

    Must be fun having annoying cousins =D

    My friends do this with me. But they are straight forward.

    "Hey, Hamza please write a speech for me.".

    For someone who would not talk to me the entire year, they had some guts.

    I laughed like a Hilary Clinton at the Urdu parts of your conversations b/w u and your cousins.

    Have a great week-end!!

  11. seriously this world is mean. and even though you know they'll probably not talk to u for another 6 months or years, but you're the first person that'll come to anyone's mind when they need something done pronto:) and the irony is that we actually do it, knowing that it was just a butter call with a motive:)

  12. Awesome post!

    I don't blame people for that and don't consider it mean behavior because if I see myself needing some favor, I'll first look among my old friends to see who could actually do that.

    This remind me of times when I used to get phone calls and emails requesting the source code for programming assignments with promises that they simply want to get hold of the logic and won't send my code as-is :D, which once brought my name in cheating list with 4 fellows who didn't bother to change my code even a bit.

    As a result I never gave them my original source codes again, but always created two copies :P.

    Now times have changed, I've to usually refuse a lot of stuff coming my way.

  13. Hahahaha! I wish all of them read this JINKI CALLS ka apne zikar kiya ha :P

    But i think this is for what friends are. If someone really makes it a habit like they always call you for some work then RAKH KAY CHAPAIR DO :P. And ofcourse your good friends will never call you for any work "Kyun k unkay Kis kaam ki tum" ;)

    Between you write pretty well :)

  14. when you do that, its like bending over and saying 'kick me'. dont. :)

    i am sure you dont like to get kicked in the arse. who does?!

  15. lol! i wud say ur a gem, who deserves a gem and one day he will drop by so dont worry... till then hope u can survive these cousins... and laugh along their ability to make use of u...:)

    actually u r still better off... why... cuz u r doing good to them... but to urself u will do the best...:) so u know who is going to reap the real benefits... eventually! from all the efforts



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