Wednesday, 3 August 2011

20years of Summers' Ramazan. Brace yourself!

I don't want to sound nefarious by saying that i had a hard time fasting but today I seriously realized the worth of 'water'. At 2.30am, when my Mom woke me up to help her in Sehri, I was continuously dehydrating. The perspiration was enormous, but I was contented with the fact that in Sehri, i will drink lots of water and hence i won't feel thirst for the rest of the day.

But. That was not it.

Most of us, in summers, plan to spend day sleeping to pass our fast. (Besides, praying obviously) I had the same in mind too until my Granny called me down in the morning to make her something since she wasn't feeling well. As 19, and without the presence of a woman in the house, i had to take charge. Now what to cook her?

Daaal without Makhan wala tadka? No. She won't like it.
Halwa? No stupid, talk about food.
Chawal (Rice)? Maybe.
CHAWAL AND ALOO GOSHT? Yeah, right. Like you can even cook it.

So, i called Mama to tell me how to cook it. In all her bewilderment, she gave me the instructions and so i cooked. And i cooked right. But the happiness of accomplishment couldn't measure to the amount of water i lost perspiring, yet again.

Yes, Aloo Gosht (well, somehow i replaced it with Chicken) was tasty. According to my Granny. Or i think she said so.
                       This is how it looked like, well yeah almost.

I slept all afternoon and dreaming about an empty glass. Cause all i wanted was a drop of water seeping through my throat which almost make me feel as if i was in some sort of desert. And Lahore is a desert. Perhaps a humid one.

Keeping the rest of the day aside, when i finally broke my fast at 6.59. I drank 13 glasses of water in one go. Believe you me, 13. And the feeling when water electrifier-ed me, as if somebody has poured in light to a gloom day, as if i had started living, as if the life could not have been beautiful without this tasteless, colorless, odorless liquid that was energizing every nook and cranny of my body. The feeling was enormous and inexplicable.

There, at the very show of my thirst, my Dad enlightened me.

Pa: You don't have to eat?
Me: Nah. Did you have hard time fasting, Papa?
Pa: Not now. Maybe after 20years, i would.
Me: Why 20 years, precisely?
Pa: I will be 73 then, and obviously the summers' fasting would be hard for my depleted body, won't it be? *starts to eat*

P.s: So, i calculated in my mind and estimated that February Ramazan would be experienced precisely after 20years. To my all muslmaan loves, we'll be 20years older, once we'll experience winter Ramazan next time.*shudders and drinks some more water*
P.P.S: Should we spell it Ramazan or Ramadan? I have no idea.
P.P.P.S: Whosoever wants to learn cooking Aloo Gosht , don't ask me. Google it :p

Ramazan Mubarak to all of my Muslims and Non-Muslims followers. I'll be praying for you guys! :)


  1. Make an egg next time :o

    You need to learn to cook. I can cook.. and I'm a guy. XD

    Ramadan in February.. Where did you get a 25 year calendar from? I thought the calendar ends in 2012 :p

  2. Well at least i know how to make an omelette. In fact variety of them. :p

    And i wrote it wrong, it was 20 years. If you star calculating, every Ramazan is 10 days earlier than the previous one. Next time, it'd be starting from somewhere near 20-21st July. :D

  3. Ramadan Kareem :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. 20 years?!
    are u kidding?!

  5. aloo gosht! yum. i think it's super cool that you can cook it. I CAN'T COOK ANYTHING :(
    ramadan kareem to you ♥ (i say both ramzan and ramadan haha)
    20 YEARS :| *dies*

  6. Haha! Now we know how our moms feel.
    And yes, you could have made an omelet :P

  7. Ramadan Mubarak...seriously that stew makes me feel hungry..nw officially stalking u ..i mean following you... :) :)

  8. @Laden: Khair Mubarakk! :D

    @Aman: Needless to say, your blog is addictive. :)

    @maham: Haha,exactly. After i estimated my age after 20 years, i was almost on the verge of fainting off too. :p

    @Furree Katt: I can't cook anything unless mom is a supervisor but believe me, you will one day. Its like our thing, we learn it anyhow. ;)

    @Uruj: Thanks a million for dropping by! There feels nothing as encouraging as someone out of the blue reading your blog. And yeah, i could have, in fact i should have made an omelet. :P

  9. @The Solitary writer: Haha, well i didn't know you weren't following but that hardly matters. Your blog is way exceptional than mine. Khair Mubarak and Keep up wiring awesome posts. :)

  10. More posts?

    I'm starting to love this blog :p

  11. Yess I knoww! You're welcome :-)

  12. Looks yum :D

    Lovely blog, keep writing.


  13. That was a master piece too.
    I have been cooking for four years and I wont say I'm an expert but still our mommies wont ever be satisfied with our cooking even if we learn to make hundreds of dishes. You know the kinda 'traditional' mommies thing :p
    And yes, I have got an addiction to your blogs. I love them more than my favorite season 'Friends'
    And would love to spend my so 'worthy' time reading them :p
    Komal one thing I must add, here you would surely get a lot of followers, well wishers and lovers but Mind it that the world is the same and changed no more. You would have to face the critics, haters and the jealous ones too (probably in your long friend lists they are existing). So don't give a damn about them. You are just too good to be stopped by any jerk over here :)
    Love you :)

  14. Oh sorry forgot to put on my pic.
    Yes i am so pretty ;)


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