Sunday, 31 July 2011

Songs that brought me back to Briteny Spears.

I was just rummaging through my stuff when I discovered the back of my notebook full of lyrics of songs I loved long time back. I sat up on my PC and searched for those songs again via lyrics because I’d forgotten about their titles even. And when I succeeded in downloading all of them and making their play list, I braced myself to play them all cause every song had a time, a meaning and a patch of my life enclosed with it. Silent crushes (you know, we used to have them a lot at 14 :p), Celebrations, BFFAAs, Friend breakups, Bus trips, Misery, and so many times I can’t even recall now, were those songs about.

So, my first ever English songs, that I actually learned the lyrics of was:

Leave Get out – Jojo. (Stop grinning at my choice. I was 14 then!) : P
He Wasn’t – Avril Lavigne.
Overprotected – Britney Spears (To add to that, I had her on my desktops, screen savers and where not, you name it: P)
Hips don’t lie – Shakira.
Story of a girl – 3 Doors Down.
Sk8er Boy – Avril Lavigne.
Wanna be – Spice Girls.

And when I got a bit mature, after watching first kiss from A Walk To Remember (believe me, it was not even close to a kiss, but anyways) the songs were;

I dare you to move – Switchfoot (Believe me, it IS evergreen. You’ll love it)
Learning to breath – Swtichfoot.
How to save a life – The Fray.
Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol.  (Okay, I am not mentioning here by I still had Britney on my desktop then)

And when I got more mature (As in the way, I actually loved when I witnessed guys can actually have crush on me (Yes before that I had some doubts but he don’t you dare underestimate my looks, I am thin, and..well that’s all to it) I started listening to *gasps* Enrique.

Songs like, you know:
Be With You.
WISH I WAS YOUR LOVER (Cause this is one bloody song)

And listening to all of them brought back a rush of those cool spontaneous childhood memories that I couldn't enclose in my diary. I made a playlist of all these old songs, and saved it up for long journeys. 

So now when I look at myself and my desktop full of Hugh Dancy's pictures (The weird habit of collecting Hot Star's photos never ditched me, and I am 19. Cool no?) I miss Britney Spears and hence i download her wall papers and put them up. And feel contended. And I think i need to check on how many guys had crush on me 'coz it sorta dawning upon me that the number is less than i thought. (This is what girls do in their spare time. Not me, P ssh) 

P.s: In case you want to see Britney for my desktop, i chose this one.

Oh you want her too now, don't you? (DON'T CALL ME LAME, I LIKE HER A LOT)

P.P.S: I know you must have googled or will google Hugh Dancy now so to save you the time, here's Hugh, for you. 

Nah Nah, wrong one. But i commend guy's sarcasm. 'You wanna take this outside'? :D He's funnaay.
So the real Hugh, is here:

Yes, he's British. And YES HE'S HOT. And if you want to know where you've seen  him, then let me enlighten you that he was starred in 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. And he is NOT gay.

Off to making the who-the-hell-had-a-crush-on-me-anyways list. :p


  1. I LOVED Britney Spears once.
    And that was before I discovered Lady Gaga=D

    My music choices are still very very immature/amateurish=D

    who-the-hell-had-a-crush-on-me-anyways list;? Can't wait to read that!

  2. Hhahhaha awww i LOVE this post! It brought back sooo many memories! ^_^

    Because you're right, every song has its own time etc!=)

    And believe me, I've been through the a-walk-to-remember-phase too!=D

  3. Well that was a good list of songs...But i guess Avril was way too good and so was Eminem... :) :) good one Kryptonite

  4. Enrique. I stopped reading after that.

    You should listen to more of his songs. :p

    I still listen to songs from A Walk to Remember. :o

    The first song I ever listened to was Beautiful Soul by Jesse Mcartney :o

  5. @Hamza: Oh you think, i was crazy about Britney back then. And honestly telling you, we had better choice in those times, now our choice mostly depend upon what-people-would-think-about our playlists fact. :)

    Ezaazi: Oh thanks A LOT Sweets! And yeah you are right, i can quote that movie back to beck without a hitch. :P

    The Solitary Writer: Avril was good, but even though i listen more to Avril at times, Britney is never off the top list. :P And DON'T EVEN TALK ABOUT EMINEM. How you guys can understand what the guy is saying. :P

    Ovais: Oh they were some of the favorites. I have all his albums installed in my iPod. but now One Republic is something i listen to all the time. :P
    And about Beautiful Soul, even this song had a story with it i remember. :P

    A walk to remember i guess rules some away, each of our's lives. Ironic that is. :D

  6. i hate hate hate hate hate How To Save A Life. it's SO DEPRESSING :X
    and that fat black guy is Mark Henry. he's a wrestler.
    Britney! ♥ i really like her. but Lady Gaga rules over everybody and everything.

  7. I think everyone (especially the female everyones) have had an Enrique Iglesias period. I shudder to think of my own, I was fairly convinced he is my soulmate. *gasp*
    i LOVED Hugh Dancy in Shopaholic! Well, primarily his British accent. :p

  8. omg! i'm in love with hugh dancy, he is so darn handsome, and the accent is the cherry on top:)<3

  9. i thought i would marry Britney. i didn't. but then i grew up went to college and found other women. scarlett. angelina. charlize. the list is endless. also katy perry. and then a certain love interest introduced me to kelly clarkson. and then i thought i would marry her. (the love interest). and i didn't. hence i am still single and ready to mingle.

    and that britney wallpaper is from her latest album. i see i have competition. HMMPH. :D

  10. but then you mis-spelled her name so i guess she will ditch you for me :P

  11. Hahaham she will NEVER. I've this whole collection of her wallpapers and i am always updated whatever is going on in her life, so yes i am big time Britney Stalker! :D

    I fell in love with manys too. Jon Foreman, Keanu Reeves, Mattew Goode, Shane West and Leonardo Di caprio!

    I don't think, i am sure i will marry Leo sometime in some life. :D


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