Sunday, 17 July 2011

The fleeting Spark.

Disclaimer: The article (if considered at some point) is not meant to be too factual. Its just the spontaneous feeling poured in words.

I am not married. Not yet. Never have been in a relationship either. But all the redundant relations that i have come across up till this age, all the twenty three thousand people out which i befriended only twenty three hundred, i can with all the true wit and awe, say that the charm doesn't stay forever. Perhaps the same in marriage, where people are all in love at first, not taking hands off each other and perhaps there reach a moment where they can't figure out why they did it all in the first place?
I befriended so many people all my life. Played, laughed, spooked, loved and lived. But all i realized was that at the start of every relation, there are rainbows and butterflies, and giggles and playrooms, and fantasies and so much more. There is so much to talk about to your newly befriended friend. About your dreams, and ambitions, and what life you picture after 40 years and movies and music and so many things and probably don't make sense to anyone who is listening to your conversations right across another dinner table. The spark. The charm stays there for long. For as long as you don't feel like 'done talking'. For as long as you feel there is still much to talk about and 5 hours seems like a minute, not a day. Alas! It eventually all comes to an end. Or that's what i have been able to realize so far.
I don't know why i am taking this situation all friendly quite synonymous to marriage. But that is how it is. Like in marriage, long before it all stops to matter, there is love and there is fascination. And there is so much to talk about, to your partner in love. Just like a new friend, that you made cause it just clicked right there. And then its over. Soon after you are 'done talking'. Soon after the spark to talk your friend (Yeah now he's gone from new to an old friend, and you feel like making a new friend cause you are having too many complaints/troubles with your old friend) is over. So, i think we should be used to be this reality now. I have come to make myself used to not believing that the 'spark' stays forever. One day, at some point, this is all going to be over and you'll feel like making a new friend. Thinking that old friend was just a mistake. Just like marriage after 20 years.


  1. This is where i always and totally contradict you :P.
    Well you have also a new concept regarding all this which i totally disagrees.
    The relations you have with your Friends i repeat ONLY FRIENDS they could be BEST Or You can rate them as you want' have no connection with how you have everything in marriage relations.

    I dont think so you get bored from your friends ? or You got bore from their company their talks..

    You Always find pleasure in the company of Good friends. I repeat GOOD or BEST Friends. These are your true people not even a lover.

    Husband wife Relations are depends on husband and wife after all lol.

    After 20 years of friendship i think it would have become the BEST RELATION EVER.

    and if you have that friendship wala element in your whatever relations you have you get 90% Satisfaction that your relation is at its best.

  2. Well we fight for this same damn reason. Your beliefs! How the hell you think people don't get bored of each other may they be partners, friends or perhaps lovers?

    Its temporary. The point is as the time passes, the spark of first friendship begins to rust, ans soon there are fights and boredom and then no spark at all.

    Magar tumhe kon samjhey. You still think we are best of friends. :P So just stick too it. This articles was not for people like you, who believe in LOVE. Touba! :P


  3. If I conclude your thoughts. I'm not wrong to say that all sort of relationships has a breaking point and it comes up when one person start taking the other for granted, which he or she once worshipped.

    So to maintain a relationship one should be very careful and keep in check that it is on realistic grounds. Making your partner feel good is part and should be done but never make him feel like he is a prince that may lead him to flee with some other princess someday when he'll take you for granted.

    I know you're not in any relationship above line was just an example :P.

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  5. friendships are sparks. marriage, is a fire.

    agni ke saath fere remember? *rofl*


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