Saturday, 23 July 2011

Guns N' Roses.

Listening to this song, i am feeling the worse. Though its lyrics are unbearably making me laugh but i just can't seem to. I don't know why. It should be a happy day for me, today.

I got my first prize for writing good. My first incentive to go on with my book, i am working on.

But. I feel worst.

'Coz today, i lost a very dear friend of mine. (Yeah, he's alive, though. Still) I don't know whatever the hell was the reason, or was there any reason at all. But i feel like shit. You know, when you lose people you are addicted to, people who's texts you wait for all day, you have sudden apprehensions. Fear of living the following days without talking to them, without sharing your going-on-shit-in-life with them, without fighting with them for no reason, without listening to them about their dismantled life with so interest cause you want to know everything about them, just cause they know you from deep inside.

Trust me. You will feel awful. Though i hope no one feels such way.

I want to talk, make a move and clear out all the air. But i think he's just gonna take it for granted, so i am just here sharing it with you, and though none of you is anyways listening, so i am more like talking to myself. So, better it is.

"whatever happened to sex drugs n' rock n' roll?
now we just have AIDS crack and techno"

Listen to this one. You'll love it.


  1. I have this Gun N roses's tune in my Ipod. =D

    I am your first follower and first commentor!


  3. Awesome, you're already planning to write a book. Cool whats the topic by the way, lately I had been really considering that but my time will be divided into work, book, swimming, blog n geeky stuff, which will leave no time for family and writing technical book always requires quick deadlines because it takes only 2-3 months for a technology to expire. :)

    It happens when people who you value consider you an option. But I'm sure someday they do realize what they've missed and that day proves out to be too late for them.

  4. tell me more bout the novel. but not here. and not now. :)

    btw abt that frnds part coincidentally, i just lost one yesterday :)


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