Friday, 29 July 2011

Ma&Me take#1.

Me: Ma, Lets give Daal, makhan (Butter) ka tadka today?
Mama: Beta jitni auqat hai, waheen raho. *Takes out garlic and zeera*

And i am living a very money-ful healthy Pakistani life. Wow. :P


  1. Hahaha,

    YOU are cool. Epic cool. But sometimes, how can you be a big pain in the ass?

  2. I want food as I type this. I want a daal with makhan right now. Ubhi. Send me.

  3. @Hamza: You'll see. Just keep on following Ma&Me takes. You'll see how i can be one bug pain in the ass. :p

    AcetylCholine: I wish i could! I so wanted to eat it with Makhan too but she didn't let me. Prolly too concerned about my psyche though i am still 47kgs. :p You love Daal too?

  4. Haha, these Desi moms.
    You've a new follower, btw. :-D

  5. LOL!
    thanks for following my blog ♥

  6. Lol Momma ne tumhe tumhari auqaat dikha hi dii... hehe :) :)

  7. "jitni auqat hai, waheen raho"

    Hahahhaha awww this happens wimme like, EVERYTIME, so I know how you feel. :D :D


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